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WWE hints that "Bullet Club" reunion wasn't a one-off

Gary Cassidy
12.68K   //    06 Jan 2018, 22:10 IST

Finn Balor with The Club

What’s the story?

If you watched WWE RAW last week, you'll no doubt remember one of the highlights as being Finn Balor partnering with The Good Brothers, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows, against Elias, Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel in a six-man tag team match.

With many criticising WWE creative for their handling of all three Superstars, this was a welcome move that left everyone clamouring for more.

Well, according to WWE's Twitter, it looks like the WWE Universe will get exactly what they want with WWE ready to pull the trigger on them as a permanent faction, dropping this massive hint in the form of one of their signature video packages.

In case you didn’t know…

The Bullet Club is probably the biggest faction in the world of pro wrestling right now, being the only non-WWE wrestling stars to have T-shirts being sold in Hot Topic with the likes of Kenny Omega, Cody Rhodes, Marty Scurll and the Young Bucks leading the current revolution.

After the recent NJPW New Year Dash, the Bullet Club seems to be experiencing some turbulence at the top with some friction between Omega and Cody becoming apparent in what looks like it may lead to a battle for the top position in the faction.

However, not so long ago, the faction was led by Finn Balor, alongside Anderson and Gallows among others with Balor dropping constant hints since they all joined WWE at a Bullet Club reunion of sorts in WWE, but it has never come to fruition with many suspecting the reason being that WWE would need to change the name of the faction for legal reasons.

Although this was brought into question last week when WWE UK's Twitter acknowledged the "Two Sweet Trio" as the Bullet Club, in a tweet which was later deleted.

With that potential copyright minefield, Balor has also been using the term "Balor Club" - which seems like the most obvious name WWE could use. Maybe we'll find out on Monday.


The heart of the matter

Well, we know this is a rhetorical question, but the most obvious answer to those questions is normally the correct one when WWE asks them. With the trio teaming last week, doing the "too sweet" and now having a pretty substantial video package on WWE's social media, we can pretty much say this is a no-brainer. That, coupled with the reaction of the WWE Universe, would pretty much indicate the trio will be seen together a lot more frequently on WWE TV.

Karl Anderson also added fuel to the flames with this reaction to the video...

What's next?

Well, WWE Raw is on Monday so we don't have to wait too long to find out. Also with Finn Balor fueding with The Miztourage for the past few weeks, could The Miz's return this week be to join Dallas and Axel and face off against Balor and The Club?

As always, we'll need to wait and see, but thankfully not too long in this case.

Author’s take

It's pretty incredible that WWE has seemingly performed a massive U-turn on what seemed like it may never happen at one point - particularly if they're going to go all-in with this.

All three have been misused by WWE recently in many regards, with all three holding belts on the red brand at one point, but somehow never really being put back into a proper storyline since.

With The Shield's reunion being sidelined, this could easily be the boost WWE needs with the Universe clamouring for these three to be in cahoots for the best part of two years.

If nothing else, this is genius from WWE as it makes Monday night a must-watch!

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