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WWE/NJPW NEWS: WWE uses the term Bullet Club on Twitter, Young Bucks respond

Gary Cassidy
20.51K   //    02 Jan 2018, 23:35 IST

Finn Balor with The Club

What’s the story?

In case you missed WWE RAW last night, Finn Balor finally teamed with Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows. Now, as we all know, or rather suspect, WWE has been deliberately avoiding using the term "Bullet Club" since both parties joined, with Finn using "Balor Club" to describe his fan base, and The Good Brothers using simply "The Club" as a tag team and when they had a short run with AJ Styles.

However, WWE UK's Twitter may have just let something slip, whether deliberate or completely accidental.

And current Bullet Club members The Young Bucks haven't taken too kindly after spotting it, with this tongue in cheek reply from Matt Jackson...

In case you didn’t know…

The Bullet Club is notorious for using the "too sweet" gesture, and WWE reportedly sent The Young Bucks a cease and desist for their use of the former Kliq gesture as a response to the "invasion" of RAW which saw Bullet Club members stand outside the venue of WWE RAW and live stream to their social media channels.

The Bullet Club is probably the biggest faction in the world of pro wrestling right now, being the only non-WWE wrestling stars to have T-shirts being sold in Hot Topic with the likes of the Young Buck - alongside Kenny Omega, Cody Rhodes, Marty Scurll - leading the current revolution.


The faction was originally led by Finn Balor, and his disciples were Karl Anderson, Bad News Fale and Tama Tonga. Later that year they were joined by The Young Bucks and Luke Gallows.


Ever since The Good Brothers joined WWE, Finn Balor has strongly hinted at a Bullet Club reunion of sorts in WWE - potentially due to a potential copyright minefield.

Hence, Balor has also been using the term "Balor Club" whenever referring to himself, and the term has slightly transformed to mean the section of the WWE Universe who support him. "BC" has been cheekily used, but WWE has completely avoided saying "Bullet Club" until now.

One of the original Bullet Club members, Tama Tonga, has also recently posted that the "OGs will reunite" on Twitter. Balor interestingly used the term "OGBC" at the end of his tweet too. He may just be referring to himself and The Good Brothers, but the timing of this is all very interesting.

The heart of the matter

Well, the global WWE account has been completely avoiding the term, as have the announcers, so do we put this down to human error or a naive employee tweeting it out accidentally?

You could... but at the time of reporting, the tweet is still there, and has been seen by fans AND obviously The Young Bucks.

It's either been a not very smart tweet or quite the opposite. Or who knows, maybe WWE and NJPW have come to terms on the use of the phrase and Bullet Club is now a part of WWE and NJPW! Very unlikely, but you never know. Maybe WWE are trying to cash in on the Hot Topic T-shirt sales.

Maybe Chris Jericho has negotiated on Vince's behalf...

Incredibly unlikely, but fingers crossed.

What's next?

Well, it's hard to tell with this one. Maybe one person is responsible and the error just hasn't been spotted by anyone in a position of power yet, but all eyes will now be on the WWE official Twitter for a follow-up, and the WWE UK Twitter to see if it gets, in the words of Matt Hardy, DELETED!

Author’s take

If this is all coming to fruition and we're getting the Bullet Club in the form of Finn Balor and The Good Brothers, I think we were all perfectly happy to have them be called Balor Club, The Club, Trigger Team or whatever incarnation you could possibly want to call them, just to see them as a faction of WWE and possibly facing off with The Shield or New Day down the line, but if WWE have genuinely acknowledged "Bullet Club" as a term and something has been worked out, the possibilities are endless!

Fingers crossed we're not sitting on the edge of our seats for too long and we get some kind of confirmation if WWE has finally pulled the trigger on a run for the Bullet Club!

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