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WWE history: Triple H practices WrestleMania entrance while Brock Lesnar poses with a kid


The Game
The Game's 'Terminator' entrance

The backstory

WrestleMania 31 is regarded by many as one of the better 'Mania events of recent years. The show ended with Seth Rollins cashing in his Money In The Bank briefcase in shocking fashion that led to him winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Additionally, Triple H defeated Sting to finally put the WWE vs WCW war to rest, in a match that saw nWo and D-Generation X make an appearance.

One of the major highlights of the show was Triple H's elaborate entrance, that was set to the theme of Terminator, the legendary hero from the hit movie franchise. The entrance saw The Game rise from the ground, wearing a Terminator themed gear.

This was followed by none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger appearing on the screen and declaring that it's time to play the game. Triple H was seen carrying a bunch of skulls in both hands and after dropping them to the ground, he made his way to the ring, where he would go on to defeat Sting.

A rare photo from WrestleMania 31

A rare photo has surfaced online recently, giving us a sneak peek at what was happening behind the scenes, before the whole show came into being. The image shows Brock Lesnar posing with a kid in a rare visual. It's not a secret that Lesnar is one of the most reserved guys on the WWE roster, and seldom agrees to click pictures with fans.

What's more, a few meters behind Brock, we can see Triple H practicing his grand entrance as a bunch of officials keenly look on.

A backstage picture from WrestleMania 31
A backstage picture from WrestleMania 31

The aftermath

Years later, Triple H's WrestleMania entrances have now become a staple and WWE comes up with bigger and better entrances for him every time he makes his way to the ring at a WrestleMania. Lesnar's night didn't end in a way that he had wanted at SummerSlam, as Rollins' 'Heist of the Century; resulted in Lesnar losing the title without even getting pinned.

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