WWE history: Undertaker almost breaks character over Stone Cold's hilarious antics

Vince gives a pep talk
Vince gives a pep talk

The backstory

When Vince McMahon bought off WCW and ECW back in 2001, he decided to create a full-fledged storyline out of it. The angle saw WCW and ECW wrestlers invade WWE's premier shows Raw and SmackDown, attacking WWE Superstars on various occasions.

The storyline led to several WCW-ECW legends and young guns waging war on the then-WWF, resulting in Vince McMahon being forced to create a team of his own, that would fight the invaders at Survivor Series 2001 in a winner-take-all match. Not many fans remember the other 10-man match that took place months before this one.

At WWE Invasion, that took place months before Survivor Series, Team WWE faced off against Team Alliance in what was dubbed as the "Inaugural Brawl".

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The hilarious segment

The match headlined the PPV and pitted Team WWE (Undertaker, Kane, Chris Jericho, Steve Austin, and Kurt Angle) against Team Alliance (Booker T, Bubba Ray Dudley, Rhyno, DDP, and D-Von Dudley).

In a hilarious backstage segment, Vince McMahon gave a pep talk to Team WWE, and talked about how they were up against both WCW and ECW, and that meant they had to put their differences aside and fight as a unit. Stone Cold is gold in this segment, which explains Undertaker and Jericho doing their best not to laugh and ruin it. Austin talked about this segment years later, stating how Jericho was smiling during the beginning of the promo, and how Taker had to cover his face at one occasion.


Austin eventually betrayed WWE when he stunned Angle in the closing moments of the match, resulting in Booker T getting the victory for Team Alliance.

The aftermath

The celebrations didn't last long for The Alliance though, as WWE came out the victor at Survivor Series, and one of the longest running storylines of all time came to an end.

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