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WWE history: Vince McMahon sprays Jim Ross with fire extinguisher in hilarious backstage clip

Vince spraying Ross with a fire extinguisher
Vince spraying Ross with a fire extinguisher
Modified 02 Aug 2019, 09:22 IST

The backstory

Back in 2003, The Big Red Monster Kane turned heel on his partner Rob Van Dam and removed his mask to reveal a hideous, terrifying creature. For the next several months, this new persona of Kane ran roughshod on the Raw roster and attacked the likes of Linda McMahon, Shane McMahon, and Jim Ross.

Kane went on to resume his long-running rivalry with his brother Undertaker and helped Vince McMahon bury him alive at Survivor Series 2003. This resulted in The Undertaker's 'Deadman' character coming back at WrestleMania 20 to take revenge on his brother.

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Vince gets on in the fun

Soon after Kane removed his mask, he appeared in a sit-down interview with WWE announcer Jim Ross. As was feared from the beginning, the interview didn't end well for the Hall of Famer, as Kane lost control of his mind and proceeded to attack Ross. He screamed at Austin and asked whether he wanted to help him, to which Austin responded with a yes. Kane stated that the only way they can feel his pain is by experiencing it themselves.

Kane poured gasoline on Ross and set him on fire as a helpless Stone Cold Steve Austin watched from the ring.

A clip has emerged online that shows the aftermath of this segment. The hilarious clip features Vince McMahon, who sprays Jim Ross with a fire extinguisher.


The aftermath

The segment was just one of several disturbing and controversial angles WWE did with Kane as the central figure. Kane's heel run didn't last long, as he aligned with Lita the next year and kicked off a feud with Gene Snitsky, turning babyface. His horrifying acts didn't stop here though, as Kane set fire to SmackDown's MVP in an Inferno match years later.

Published 02 Aug 2019, 09:22 IST
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