WWE history: When Brock Lesnar fought a Hall of Famer on a moving plane

The Plane Ride from Hell
The Plane Ride from Hell
Abhilash Mendhe

The backstory

On May 5th, 2002, the WWE crew took a plane from London to New York after the Insurrextion PPV was done and dusted with. The flight consisted of several WWE wrestlers, legends, up-and-comers, and production crew.

The plane journey, now infamously dubbed as "The Plane Ride from Hell", was witness to a real-life scuffle between Brock Lesnar and WWE Hall of Famer Mr. Perfect.

The incident

Vince McMahon wasn't on the plane, contrary to popular belief which turned out to be untrue. Moreover, WWE paid for an open bar on the plane, which didn't turn out to be a good idea in the least.

Mr. Perfect was recently rehired by WWE, and his performance in the Royal Rumble match gained him tons of backstage praise. An inebriated Curt Hennig challenged Brock Lesnar to an amateur wrestling match on the moving plane!

Lesnar and Mr. Perfect were both from Minnesota and had once trained together. Lesnar, still an inexperienced rookie, didn't know how to respond, but was coaxed by a few others to go on with it or else he would be referred to as a coward. Lesnar accepted the challenge and proceeded to take down Hennig on more than one occasion. The fight took both of them towards the emergency exit door, and that's when Paul Heyman and Finlay had to intervene.

Several rumours suggested that Lesnar rammed Hennig against the emergency door, but those were refuted by the ones who were actually on the plane and witnessed the fight.

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The aftermath

Lesnar wasn't punished for the incident in any manner. On the other hand, Hennig was fired from the company because of his behaviour. Hennig died soon after, and Lesnar went on to become one of the greatest Superstars in the history of the WWE.

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