WWE history: Roman Reigns can't control his laughter over R-Truth's confusion

Truth and Reigns
Truth and Reigns

The backstory

After making a name for himself in Impact Wrestling, R-Truth returned to WWE in 2008. His initial WWE run in the early 2000s was forgettable and he never managed to break the mid-card barrier.

Truth's second run wasn't any different, as he became a jobber to the stars and didn't do anything of worth for years. Truth got a shot at John Cena's WWE Title at Capitol Punishment 2011, but couldn't win the belt. Soon after, he enjoyed a main-event run as a part of a tag team with The Miz, called The Awesome Truth. The duo faced The Rock and John Cena at Survivor Series 2011, in a losing effort. After his heel run, Truth went back to becoming a lower-card Superstar.

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The mess-up


On the June 8th, 2015 episode of Monday Night Raw, R-Truth came out on the ramp and interrupted a segment featuring Roman Reigns, Corporate Kane, and Dolph Ziggler. Truth began talking about what he was going to do in the Money In The Bank Ladder match at the upcoming PPV. Kane proceeded to break the bad news to Truth, and told him that he isn't even in the match.

As a confused Truth apologised to the audience and Kane, Roman Reigns and Dolph Ziggler could be seen bursting into laughter, along with the thousands of fans inside the arena.

The aftermath

It's no secret that R-Truth has always turned anything that has been given to him into intriguing TV. Truth went on to become the WWE 24/7 Champion, and has won the title on numerous occasions by this point. Truth's hilarious antics with the WWE 24/7 Title have been garnering tons of coverage for WWE on all of its social media handles.

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