WWE History: When Vince McMahon cried backstage on the day CM Punk left WWE

Vince was an emotional mess while bidding Punk goodbye
Vince was an emotional mess while bidding Punk goodbye

The backstory

CM Punk's last appearance in a WWE ring was in the Royal Rumble match in 2014, where he was attacked by Kane and eliminated from the free-for-all. Punk left the company immediately after and hasn't been seen in a WWE ring ever since.

Punk wasn't thrilled with how WWE was booking him for a long while and had real-life heat with Triple H over the fact that The Game didn't put him over during The Summer of Punk.

The farewell

Months after Punk left the promotion, he appeared on "Art of Wrestling", a podcast run by his best friend Colt Cabana. The conversation touched upon every little detail associated with Punk's departure from WWE. The former WWE Champion stated that his character wasn't being handled properly, neither was he getting the kind of salary that he deserved.

Then came the moment when Punk talked about his final meeting with Vince McMahon and Triple H.

Punk shocked the wrestling world by revealing that although Triple H seemed indifferent, Vince McMahon actually shed tears while bidding goodbye to him. Punk said that Vince cried and hugged him, saying that he was family.

Soon after, Vince suspended Punk for two months, and later fired him from WWE on his wedding day of all dates! Punk blasted Vince McMahon, Triple H, and WWE's doctors on being neglectful towards him and causing him physical as well as financial harm.

Vince McMahon never refuted Punk's statement of the boss crying during Punk's exit. In fact, the Chairman of the Board went on to apologize to Punk publicly, on Stone Cold's podcast. Vince stated that Punk getting his termination papers on the day of his wedding was nothing but an unfortunate coincidence, and he's sorry for that.

The aftermath

Punk tried his hand in MMA and went on to lose two straight bouts. Recently, Punk made an appearance at an MKE Wrestling event in Wisconsin. He came out wearing a mask, delivered a GTS, and immediately left the spot. The appearance has left fans speculating whether Punk is on his way to make a comeback to professional wrestling.

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