WWE News: CM Punk makes a shock return to Pro Wrestling 

He is back!
He is back!
Soumik Datta

What's the story?

At the recently concluded MKE Wrestling show over the course of this weekend, former WWE Champion, CM Punk made his return to Professional Wrestling for the very first time since he departed from the WWE and announced his retirement back in 2014.

In case you didn't know...

CM Punk initially started out in the Pro Wrestling industry back in the mid-1990s and eventually got his big break in the industry when he had signed with Ring of Honor in 2002. Within his initial years in the WWE, Punk had wrestled the likes of AJ Styles and Raven and by 2004, Punk had won the ROH World Championship after feuding with Samoa Joe over it.

In 2005, Punk finally arrived in the WWE after being assigned under their developmental brand of Ohio Valley Wrestling and within the next few years, 'The Second City Saint' quickly started rising to prominence as he won the ECW Championship and then followed it up with various other title wins.

In 2008, Punk won the World Heavyweight Championship and after a brief run as the leader of The Straight Edge Society and The Nexus, Punk had eventually competed in WWE's first five-star match since 1997 when he defeated John Cena at Money in the Bank, 2011 to win the WWE Championship in Chicago and "leave" the company with it as well.

Three years later, however, Punk had walked out of the WWE and announced his departure from the promotion due to his differences with the creative team, as the former WWE World Champion eventually announced his retirement from Pro Wrestling.

The heart of the matter

After having an illustrious career in the World of Professional Wrestling, CM Punk decided to try out his hand in Mixed Martial Arts, however, the former WWE Champion wasn't quite able to live up to the expectations after he competed twice in the UFC.

Punk, following several rumors of a possible return to Pro Wrestling with Cody Rhodes' newly inaugurated All Elite Wrestling promotion, has now finally marked his return to the business, as he recently showed up at MKE Wrestling wearing a mask.

Punk's return took place in front of a moderate crowd of around 350 people, who apparently had no idea about the return, as the former WWE Champion hit a G.T.S on Daryck St. Holmes.

Ring of Honor star Silas Young eventually confirmed Punk's return to Pro Wrestling with the following tweet:

What's next?

With his official return to Pro Wrestling, we are still not sure of the fact if CM Punk is rather planning on sticking around for a while or if he is going to go back to retirement and rather focus on his MMA career.

However, it was great seeing Punk back in a squared circle nonetheless.

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