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Indian Wrestling News: She-hulk challenges audience member and gets embarrassed!

8.73K   //    17 Jun 2016, 18:15 IST
The Great Khali started CWE late in 2015

Continental Wrestling Entertainment, abbreviated as CWE, is a wrestling school established in Jalandhar on 24th November 2015, by former WWE Superstar The Great Khali. And while the opening of CWE received much media attention, especially owing to the reputation that Khali garnered during his time in the WWE, the trail has somewhat gone cold after that – with the promotion's last two shows this year on 24th and 28th of February flying predominantly under the radar.

But a segment involving B.B Bul Bul, one of CWE’s claims to fame being its first woman wrestler, has grabbed the nation’s attention yet again. While B.B Bul Bul is seen pandering to the crowd and challenging anyone willing to step in the ring with her, little does she expect her call to be answered, much less in the emphatic manner that it was.

Kavita, a powerlifting champion, MMA fighter and a former police officer of the Haryana state, enters the ring and gets up in her face. B.B Bul Bul then proceeds to shove her hard on the turnbuckles, to which Kavita responds by taking her down not once but twice and then pounding on her.

Amidst the chaos that ensues, the two are separated and a mixed doubles tag team match is announced for the next week.

Looks like The Great Khali was paying attention during the WWE production meeting after all!

You can see the full segment in the clip below:

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