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WWE/Indie News: Fire alarm goes off on Evolve and Seth Rollins responds to fans' reaction

1.40K   //    25 Jun 2018, 13:36 IST

Seth Rollins on last week's Monday Night Raw
Seth Rollins on last week's Monday Night Raw

What's the story?

The action in Evolve 107 became a bit hot, as the entrance before the third match of the night between Adrian Alanis and BSHP KNG set off a fire alarm. 

Adrien Alanis was entering with Skulk when the alarm went off. It was turned off, but then during the fourth match of the night, between Darby Allin and Jarek 1:20, the alarm went off again. 

The fans reacted in a manner in which only pro-wrestling fans can. 

In case you didn't know...

Wrestling and fire have a hand in hand relation. If it is not the pyros of the superstars entering, it is the very tables being set on fire before someone is put through it. The Extreme Rules Match between Edge and Mick Foley immediately comes to mind when talking about fires. 

The Undertaker's entrance once went wrong at Elimination Chamber, burning him as he hastily removed his jacket which had caught fire.

Fire Alarms going off when there is no fire is considerably more hilarious as well as relieving, as was the case at Evolve.

The heart of the matter

Typically when fire alarms go off, the procedure is to exit the building in an organised manner so as to prevent any disaster. When it comes to professional wrestling fans, things are different.

The fire alarm was possibly faulty, and many of the fans realised this and started to chant 'Burn it down', the catchphrase of WWE Star Seth Rollins. 

The video went viral on Twitter, which showed the spirit of the typical wrestling fan. You can see the video here:

Seth Rollins did not lose the opportunity and replied to the video on Twitter.

He replied with a 'Sorry', taking advantage of the hilarious situation to apologise for the disruption that was caused in the show not once, but twice due to the errant fire alarm.

What's next?

Seth Rollins will continue to 'Burn it down' again on Monday Night Raw. He will look to confront Dolph Ziggler, who won the Intercontinental title from Seth last week.

You can watch the Intercontinental Match between Ziggler and Rollins here:

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