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WWE: Jim Ross talks about Ziggler ,Patterson, Adam Rose and Alicia Fox

Jim Ross talks about Ziggler ,Patterson, Adam Rose and Alicia Fox

Jim Ross

Hall of Famer and former ringside announcer, Jim Ross, on jrsbarbq.com, gave his thoughts on Alicia Fox and Adam Rose and talked about how Patterson has been an important figure in the WWE.

When asked if there is a disconnection between Dolph Ziggler and his younger fans, Ross stated, "I don't sense a disconnect but I respect your opinion. Ziggler gets on a roll and his world changes quickly for the better. I don't know why that hasn't occurred. It's rather obvious to me that Dolph Ziggler is one of the most under utilized WWE talents in recent years." 

On the importance of Patt Patterson’s role in the WWE, Ross said, "For the lack of a better term Pat has been like an assistant head coach in WWE and has a brilliant mind for ring psychology and finishes especially in big bouts. Pat understands basic fundamentals as well as anyone I've been around. He is missed re: the day to day."

Ross also shared his views on the character developments of Alicia Fox and Adam Rose.

"I get and have enjoyed the Alicia Fox creative, but I haven't related to the Adam Rose business but hope that he is successful. He can wrestle," added Ross.

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