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John Cena's top 5 mainstream media appearances

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Amy Schumer and John Cena in Trainwreck

It’s been 14 years since John Cena blurted the word ‘Ruthless Aggression’ to Kurt Angle’s face and began his WWE career. If WWE was Game Of Thrones Cena is the last of the dragons. The last spectacle from the WWE Family. The last true star the company has ever made.

He’s been hailed as the franchise star since around 2005 and the company has granted him the tag of being ‘the face that runs the place’. And with that power comes the responsibility of getting more business opportunities for the business, more awareness about his company.

In his tenure as THE face, he’s been a part of many mainstream gigs, some of which have been quite successful.

There hasn’t been anybody who has truly transcended the presence of Cena. Some did come close but WWE never booked them the way Cena was ever booked.

Here are his top 5 mainstream Cena gigs:

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