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WWE, Kavita Devi, and the superkick connection

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Kavita Devi
Kavita Devi

Will she deliver a vicious kick? Indians across the world swelled with pride when Kavita Devi became the first Indian female wrestler to fight for the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) ring. While sections of media are filled with information about Kavita Devi, there is one thing about her that attracts attention - her kick.

But before we figure out what is so special about Kavita's choice of the finishing move, let us dig out some kickass information about the world of kicks in WWE.

What the kick?

We have all experienced the adrenaline gushing to the skies when Jim Ross delivered his epic 'oh God! oh my God in heaven' as Shawn Michaels delivered his immortal 'Sweet Chin Music' to Shelton Benjamin back in 2005.

This, and a series of unforgettable classic kicks delivered by WWE greats over time gave birth to phrases like "...that was a vicious kick; oh! here comes the sweet chin music; stompin' a mudhole; what a manoeuvre; and what not.

The legend of kicks in WWE

Every great WWE Superstar comes with his own variation of signature moves and finishing moves. Some became cults and some even surpassed their performers in glory. Just like the suplex, the DDT, the Van Daminator, and the chokeslam from hell, the kicks evolved into a world of their own.

Some of the most vicious, annihilating and crowd raging kicks that sent the deliverer's opponents spiralling down the mat to a sure defeat include:

-- Sweet Chin Music, popularised by Shawn Michaels

-- Punt by Randy Orton

-- Van Daminator by Rob Van Dam


-- Brogue Kick by Sheamus

-- Stompin' a mudhole by Stone Cold Steve Austin

-- Big Boot by Hulk Hogan

-- Scissor Kick by Booker T

-- Chick Kick by Trish Stratus

-- Side Kick by Tamina

-- Trouble in Paradise by Kofi Kingston

Kavita Devi and the roundhouse kick

While Kavita Devi aka Hard KD, is barely one match old in WWE, her finishing move is nothing short of legendary. The 5' 9", 63 kg wrestler's bio reads the following - Finishing Move: Roundhouse kick; Signature move: Gorilla press slam.

A Roundhouse kick is one where the deliverer attacks the opponent using his feet by moving in a semi-circular motion.

Also known as the swinging kick or the power angle kick, the Roundhouse has been the choice of kick for wrestlers like Asuka, Bobby Fish, Drago, Sasha Banks, Shuri Kondo, and Trish Stratus, among others.

Kavita Devi and the Gorilla press slam

This is the ultimate show of power, raw core strength and often the finisher when applied correctly. A wrestler will pull up the opponent and raise them above their head using both hands.

From the ashes to zenith and back to ashes, this is often the final journey the opponent will make before tasting a massive defeat at the hands of the performer.

Some of the noted names who glorified the Gorilla press slam include Ultimate Warrior, Bam Bam Bigelow, Big Show, Chyna, and Mark Henry among others.

It is interesting to note that Kavita Devi is a student of the Great Khali himself and was under his tutelage at the Continental Wrestling Entertainment before joining professional wrestling at the WWE. The Great Khali is known for the Chokebomb, Clawhold, Clothesline, Headbutt, Legdrop, Overhead Chop, and Spin Kick as his signature moves.

What is your favourite WWE move? Tell us in the comments section or better still give a link to the ones you cannot stop raving about.

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