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2019 WWE King of the Ring bracket, tournament matches, results, winners, schedule, dates

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WWE King of the Ring tournament 2019
WWE King of the Ring tournament 2019

Over the years, WWE has changed the sort of programming we see on a regular basis. There are many pay-per-views and tournaments which were part and parcel of WWE's programming earlier but no longer exist in 2019. However, last week, WWE made an enormous announcement -- the return of the King of the Ring tournament.

In this article, we will be providing an overview of the tournament, King of the Ring 2019 participants, and the King of the Ring brackets.

Past WWE King of the Ring winners

'Stone Cold' Steve Austin
'Stone Cold' Steve Austin

The WWE King of the Ring tournament is one of the most significant tournaments of all time. The competition has helped to make the careers of some of the most legendary WWE Superstars of all time, including Harley Race, Bret Hart, Owen Hart, Triple H, Stone Cold Steve Austin, William Regal, Brock Lesnar, Kurt Angle, and Booker T among others.

The tournament has been invaluable in the way that WWE has portrayed some of their storylines. After all, King of the Ring was the scene of the famous Austin 3:16 promo, without which the course of the Monday Night Wars might have gone in a different direction.

What happened to the King of the Ring tournament?

Bad News Barrett
Bad News Barrett

Over the last 16 years, WWE stopped holding annual King of the Ring tournaments. They did not attach the same importance to the tournament that they once used to, leading to the significance of the tournament decreasing immensely.

In the last 16 years, the tournament has been held only 4 times. The winners of the tournament were:

  1. Booker T (2006)
  2. William Regal (2008)
  3. Sheamus (2010)
  4. Bad News Barrett (2015)

While Booker T and William Regal were able to do justice to their wins, the tournament didn't affect Sheamus one way or the other. Bad News Barrett's win did not end up affecting his career at all. The significance of the tournament had decreased immensely over the years, but the re-introduction promises to do better.

King of the Ring 2019 participants

Drew McIntyre and Triple H
Drew McIntyre and Triple H

This time, the WWE King of the Ring tournament will feature 16 Superstars, with 8 each from RAW and SmackDown Live. They are as follows:

  1. Ali - SmackDown Live
  2. Andrade - SmackDown Live
  3. Apollo Crews - SmackDown Live
  4. Buddy Murphy - SmackDown Live
  5. Chad Gable - SmackDown Live
  6. Elias - SmackDown Live
  7. Kevin Owens - SmackDown Live
  8. Shelton Benjamin - SmackDown Live
  9. Baron Corbin - RAW
  10. Cedric Alexander - RAW
  11. Cesaro - RAW
  12. Drew McIntyre - RAW
  13. The Miz - RAW
  14. Ricochet - RAW
  15. Sami Zayn - RAW
  16. Samoa Joe - RAW

King of the Ring 2019 bracket

The brackets for King of the Ring 2019 have been released. Although the final date is yet to be confirmed, the rumor is that it will be taking place on the WWE Clash of Champion 2019 PPV. We will keep this article to any changes made.

The tournament is set to be a single-elimination tournament. The WWE King of the Ring 2019 brackets are as follows:

First Round: RAW (August 19th)

  • Cesaro vs Samoa Joe: Winner - Samoa Joe
  • Cedric Alexander vs Sami Zayn - Cedric Alexander

First Round: SmackDown Live (August 20th)

  • Kevin Owens vs Elias - Elias
  • Apollo Crews vs Andrade - Andrade

First Round: RAW (August 26th)

  • Ricochet vs Drew McIntyre - Ricochet
  • The Miz vs Baron Corbin - Baron Corbin

First Round: SmackDown Live (August 27th)

  • Ali vs Buddy Murphy - Ali
  • Chad Gable vs Shelton Benjamin - Chad Gable

Quarter-finals: RAW (September 2nd)

  • Samoa Joe vs. Ricochet - Draw
  • Cedric Alexander vs. Baron Corbin - Baron Corbin

Quarter-finals: SmackDown Live (3rd)

  • Elias vs. Ali - Ali
  • Chad Gable vs. Andrade - Chad Gable

Semi-finals: Raw (TBD)

  • Ricochet vs Samoa Joe vs. Baron Corbin - Baron Corbin

Semi-finals: SmackDown (TBD)

  • Chad Gable vs. Elias (withdrawn due to injury) Shane McMahon - Chad Gable

Finals: WWE Clash of Champions 2019 (September 15)

  • Baron Corbin vs Chad Gable

Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for the latest WWE news. We will also keep you updated with the changes to the King of the Ring tournament as it starts on this week's episode of WWE RAW.

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