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WWE RAW: 3 Reasons why Baron Corbin becoming King of the Ring is good & 2 reasons why it is not

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The new King?
The new King?

The WWE juggernaut continues to move as it ends a small cycle with the conclusion of the Clash of Champions pay-per-view. While the PPV itself may have been decent, the final act of The Fiend taking down WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins was a very good way to end the show.

The return of Harper, too, generated some buzz as he helped Rowan defeat Roman Reigns in the only non-title match of the PPV. Now that Clash of Champions is done and dusted, the next cycle leads to Hell in a Cell, but before WWE brings out new storylines, there is something that needs to be taken care of first.

Tonight’s episode of RAW will see Baron Corbin take on Chad Gable in the finals of the King of the Ring tournament. The Lone Wolf seems to be the absolute favorite to win the crown and become King Corbin.

And like everything in life, this has both pros and cons, and here are 3 reasons why Baron Corbin becoming the King of the Ring is a good option, and 2 reasons why it isn’t…

#3 Why it is good: Corbin is a heel and will rub it in for a long period

Corbin has already begun his work
Corbin has already begun his work

It wasn’t really a long time ago when Baron Corbin faced Kurt Angle in the latter’s last ever in-ring match and defeated him at WrestleMania 35. Following that, Corbin made it a ritual to brag about how he defeated the Olympic Gold medalist in his farewell match every single time he appeared on TV.

So, imagine if he wins the King of the Ring and gets crowned as the King… there is not going to be an end to it. Corbin could religiously brag about being the best wrestler in the business, as he is the King, and he could have some interesting programs with up and coming babyfaces.

He could play this gimmick out for so long that it wouldn’t be surprising if he goes on with it until next year’s King of the Ring tournament (if there is one, that is).

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