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WWE legend Animal on why Roman Reigns should have been the leader of RETRIBUTION

WWE legend Animal felt that Roman Reigns should have been the leader of RETRIBUTION
WWE legend Animal felt that Roman Reigns should have been the leader of RETRIBUTION
Modified 22 Sep 2020, 23:25 IST

WWE legend Animal spoke abot the RETRIBUTION segment on the latest edition of Legion of RAW, Sportskeeda Wrestling's weekly post-RAW show. Animal said that he wasn't very happy that there weren't any big names in RETRIBUTION and said that he wished WWE had put Roman Reigns in it as the leader:

Tell me how this wouldn't have been a sswerve. What if they'd done this whole thing all over again and they thought it out and had Roman be the top guy in RETRIBUTION.

Animal felt that someone with Roman Reigns' star power would have been a good choice for the leader of RETRIBUTION.

Animal opens up about the RETRIBUTION segment from WWE RAW

WWE legend Animal went on to talk about some of the other things he did not like from the RETRIBUTION segment that opened RAW last night:

When you open up the show, and I hate to say this and I'm saying this with respect, in the eyes of the fan with nobodies, why would you expect them to tune in. Why would you not expect them to get the channel changer and see what else is on for the next 5 minutes cause they know they're going to be bored out of their skulls.

Animal spoke about some of the other people in the Performace Center WWE could have used:

You have all the guys at your disposal, from Sean Waltman to...that's reaching there...and you have Shawn Michaels, you have Brian James - Road Dogg, Hunter and they're all down there in NXT. Any one of them could be the leader of RETRIBUTION.

Animal then spoke about another issue he had with the segment. Animal said that instead of having a number of RETRIBUTION members speak on the mic, he'd have had only one member - the leader - do that talking:

They should not all be talking. There should be one guy. One leader of RETRIBUTION and the rest are followers. That's the way it should be. Because now what you're getting is too many chiefs going.

The RETRIBUTION storyline has not gotten off to the best start. Despite the issue so far, there is still time for WWE to turn this around.

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Published 22 Sep 2020, 23:25 IST
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