"He was furious" - Former WWE legend on when Vince McMahon ordered him to redo a world title match

Vince McMahon was not pleased with a world title match
Vince McMahon was not pleased with a world title match

WWE legend Ric Flair recalled why Vince McMahon was furious during Flair's match with Randy Savage in 1992.

Flair and Savage faced each other for the world championship in WWE in September 1992, where the latter lost the title to The Nature Boy. Mr. Perfect, aka Curt Hennig, was by Flair's side during this bout, while Razor Ramon also interfered.

While discussing the match on his To Be The Man podcast, Flair said that the match was stopped mid-way and Vince McMahon brought the wrestlers backstage.

The former Chairman was not pleased with the match and ordered them to change things around.

"He [Vince McMahon] didn't like all the interference. It was two against one. He was furious about it. Curt [Hennig] was just doing what he thought was - nothing Curt did wrong. It was just one of those situations, I mean at the end of the night I just don't think that people cared. And I don't think Randy [Savage] wanted to lose the belt," recalled Flair. [41:35 to 42:04]


He then said that McMahon was happy with the match after it was restarted. Flair won the bout and began his second reign as world champion.

Vince McMahon fined Ric Flair on his first day in WWE

In another episode of his podcast, Flair revealed that he arrived late on his first day in the company in 1991, which led to McMahon fining The Nature Boy.

The 16-time world champion said that he was partying with Sherri Martel before his debut, which led to him being late.

"No, I never got there till - I can't remember, it was Dayton TV, was my first night there. I met Sherri Martel at the hotel and we stayed out, drank all night and I was five minutes late for TV [on] my first day and my first day at TV, he called me aside and said, 'That's 500 bucks. This isn't WCW. You're here on time,'" said Flair.
.@VinceMcMahon, You’ve Made My Life Better Every Day Since I’ve Been In The Wrestling Business. You’re The Only Promoter In My Career That Treated Me Like A Man, Respected Who I Was, And Made Me A Better Person. God Bless You For All You’ve Done. FYI- No One Can Follow Your Act.

Flair had a two-year run in the company before moving to WCW and returned to McMahon's company after WCW folded. He then had two more stints in WWE, where he faced various rivals, had some great matches, and mentored his daughter Charlotte. Flair left the promotion on August 3, 2021.

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