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WWE legend weighs in on rumours of Triple H burying talent

1.82K   //    20 Feb 2016, 16:15 IST
Flair back in the day

In the most recent episode of his Wooooo Nation! podcast, WWE legend Ric Flair hosted a social media session with his fans and answered some of their questions ranging from CM Punk to The Undertaker, plus a lot more, reports

When it came to discussing Triple H, Flair said that the rumours of him burying talent are absolutely untrue, while stating that HHH is trying to help as many budding wrestlers as possible in his position as an executive. The 66-year-old conceded that HHH was way more aggressive as a wrestler, but has mellowed down in his new role.

When asked for his thoughts on CM Punk, Flair noted that even though he never had the opportunity to work with Punk he never had any problems with him and the latter was always respectful in his ways.

Flair also stated that while he was unsure of terming Punk ‘great’, the latter was always good in what he did. The former wrestler also touched on the subject of Punk’s departure, saying that while he did not know why Punk chose to call it quits, his decision affected AJ Lee’s retirement too.

On the question of whether Andre the Giant or Triple H is the better wrestler, Flair’s immediate choice was the Undertaker.

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