WWE Legend says Ultimate Warrior 'tantrum' cost him an Intercontinental Championship run

Warrior rubbed a few people the wrong way before SummerSlam
Warrior rubbed a few people the wrong way before SummerSlam '88

Former WWE Superstar Brutus Beefcake has discussed why Ultimate Warrior won the Intercontinental Championship instead of him at SummerSlam 1988.

Heading into SummerSlam 1988, Honky Tonk Man was the reigning WWF/E Intercontinental Champion. After an impressive reign, he was to defend the belt at the biggest party of the summer. However, Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake, Honky's original opponent, didn't get his shot. Instead, Ultimate Warrior defeated Honky Tonk Man for the title.

The former Brutus Beefcake discussed the end of Honky's reign during a recent interview appearance. In a clip uploaded to the WSI - Wrestling Shoot Interviews YouTube Channel, Brutus noted that he was supposed to dethrone the Honky Tonk Man at SummerSlam 1988, but an Ultimate Warrior tantrum caused plans to change.

Brutus noted that Honky Tonk Man was also furious over the change, explaining the short run-time in the match between him and Warrior:

"Honky knew I was getting the belt. Honky also knew that once he dropped the belt to me we were gonna get another four, five-month run around the territory with him chasing the belt. So what it meant for both of us, main events semi-mains, whatever. Good money. Real good money. And by changing it at the last second because Warrior, whatever, threw a tantrum and said he was gonna quit if he didn't get the belt. Honky was so mad. That's why he dropped the belt in ten seconds," said Brutus. (0:45 - 1:27)

What happened when Ultimate Warrior took on Honky Tonk Man at SummerSlam 1988?

Ultimate Warrior easily dispatched Honky Tonk Man when the two men collided at the 1988 SummerSlam event.

Honky Tonk Man, with Jimmy Hart in his corner as manager, took to the ring to defend the coveted title, asking for 'anyone' to replace Brutus in the match. Warrior barrelled towards the squared circle and dispatched Honky in under a minute, pinning him with ease to become Intercontinental Champion.

Warrior held the championship for 216 days and only relinquished it after winning the WWF/E Championship from Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania 6.

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