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WWE Live India 2017: 5 things fans can expect

Riju Dasgupta
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15.13K   //    13 Nov 2017, 20:07 IST

We're counting down the days to the mega event!
We're slowly counting down the days to the mega event!

WWE has a massive fan base in India and indeed, all across the Indian subcontinent. So much so, that most of their social media interactivity comes from India.

To satiate the appetite of the 1.4 billion people of the country, WWE is heading to New Delhi for a massive 'Supershow' on December 9th. While it is technically a RAW Live Event, Jinder Mahal is a featured attraction for the show, in a main event match against Triple H.

At Sportskeeda Wrestling, we're proud to say that we've come on board as official media partners for the show. We'll be present on ground, bringing you the hottest sports entertainment action, as it happens.

We can only speculate for now, but here are five things we expect at WWE Live India. Do let us know in the comments if you believe there are certain points that we may have missed out on, in our feature. Presenting our exclusive countdown...

#5 Babyface reaction for Roman Reigns

Those who were present at the previous Live Event know what we mean
Those who were present at the previous edition know what we mean

Roman Reigns may be a universally despised character in the United States and quite honestly, in many parts of the world. Even though he plays a babyface on screen, his entrance is accompanied by a chorus of boos, every time he makes his way to the squared circle.

However, those of our readers who were present at the previous edition of WWE Live India in New Delhi last year, will remember how Roman Reigns was hailed as a hero as he made his way to the ring, with loud cheers. In India, Reigns is the ultimate 'good guy'!

Just watch this video and check out the 'Roman' chants if you do not believe our testimony. Reigns and Cena are two of the biggest stars among the Indian members of the WWE Universe.

When Reigns looks up at the sky and screams the Samoan 'Ooooaaaaahhh' war cry, charging down at his opponent in Delhi, expect the crowd to go wild!

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