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WWE Money in the Bank 2016: 5 Surprising things that occurred

Sometimes surprises are good, sometimes they are bad. How was the surprises that WWE sprung on us at MITB?

They sure did use the ladders

This year’s Money in the Bank, touted as something as great as WrestleMania, really did leave its mark on the land of WWE. From the dream match to the main event, everything entertained the fans or progressed the storylines. This year’s MITB had a few surprises to spring on the WWE universe and they sure did it raise our eyebrows and quickened our heartbeats.

Here are the five surprises that the WWE sprang on us.

#5 Dudleys putting over Lucha Dragons

Not the baddest tag team anymore

Though this happened on pre-show it is something that came as a surprise. The Dudley Boyz have not been booked dominantly ever since their return. But, making them lose to the Lucha Dragons, a team that has not even seen action as a tag team for a couple of months, is utterly unexpected.

The Dudleys claim that they are the baddest tag team and how WWE expects fans to buy that if they lose to Lucha Dragons is beyond understanding. The status of Dudley Boyz has been on a steady decline since WrestleMania and the WWE needs to look into it ASAP. If not, beating The Dudleys will not be seen as a feat to achieve for new tag teams that come in.

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