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WWE Monday Night RAW: Live coverage and results - 10th February, 2014

WWE Monday Night RAW featuring John Cena, Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan and more.


Hello ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to yet another live review of Monday Night RAW! Tonight, we’re live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, and what a show we have in store as we head in to the final week before the Elimination Chamber PPV! Also, the main event for tonight will see Randy Orton taking on John Cena! So buckle up for an interesting ride, as WWE shifts gears as we head towards WrestleMania!

RAW began with Justin Roberts introducing Betty White. Betty was accompanied by The Big Show, and the crowd cheered for her. Betty said she was excited to be on the show, and said she wanted to kick some butt, but was interrupted by Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Loud CM Punk chants started as Triple H took the mic. He said last week, they said that if Daniel Bryan defeated Orton last week, they would reconsider Bryan as the face of WWE. Triple H said they were “reconsidering” all the participants in the Elimination Chamber as the face of the WWE, but Triple H was interrupted by Randy Orton!

The WWE World Heavyweight champion made his way out and looked dissatisfied. Stephanie asked Orton if he was really doing it again, and advised Orton to go back and prepare for his bout later in the night. Orton said he was doing some thinking, and said he wanted to apologize. He said he wanted to apologize to both of them and said he had been childish and foolish. He said he will bring the “Viper” in his matches to give the couple what they wanted. The crowd started a big “Daniel Bryan” chant as Orton said the words were coming from his heart. Stephanie and Orton talked about SummerSlam as the crowd started a “Yes” chant. The crowd then started yet another “CM Punk” chant, as Orton said he wanted to be the flag bearer of the company, and wanted to do all the talk shows. He said he was the heart and soul of the WWE, but Daniel Bryan’s music hit as Staples Center exploded!

Daniel Bryan came down to the ring as the crowd did a “Yes” chant. Bryan mocked Orton, as Stephanie intruded and said they didn’t appreciate the two interrupting them. Bryan then complained about Kane not being in the back, and showing up in time to try and sabotage Bryan. He said he defeated Orton last week, and said he wanted a match with Kane later in the night. Stephanie said Kane wasn’t present on the show, and Bryan mocked Stephanie and TripleH. Orton interfered and backed the couple and sucked up to them. Bryan then brought up Orton handcuffing Triple H and kissing Stephanie McMahon. Triple H then said Bryan wouldn’t face anyone on the show. Triple H said he’d give Bryan a night off, as the crowd chanted “No” along with Bryan.

Analysis: That was a weak opening segment in my view. That didn’t serve any purpose, and could’ve been done better. It was dragged on for a bit too long, and could’ve been to the point. Daniel Bryan has been given the night off at Staples Center, so you know he’ll have a part to play in the main event. The crowd was electric, so it’ll be an interesting episode.

Rey Mysterio and the Rhodes brothers vs. The Wyatt Family

The faces made their way out first followed by The Wyatts. Cody started things off with Rowan, and Cody quickly turned the tables to gain the upper hand with a dropkick, but Rowan came back with a clubby blow. Goldust came in and so did Harper as Goldust took him down with a boot and a hurricanrana, and Cody came in with a missile dropkick and sent Harper outside. Mysterio slid onto Harper on the outside as The Wyatts regrouped out of the ring while the faces stood inside the ring as WWE went into commercial.

Back from the commercial and Rowan was in control of Goldust. Rowan laid into Goldust as Harper made his way in. Bray Wyatt tagged himself into the match and came down on Goldust and took Goldust down with an elbow to the face. Rowan came back in and covered Goldust for a 1 count. Rowan was in control of the match but Goldust came back with a springboard elbow to buy himself some time. Rowan was sent outside as the crowd cheered for him. Harper came in and delivered a cheap shot to Cody, but Goldust delivered a powerslam and tagged in Rey! Rey took Harper down with leg scissors takedown and sent him into the ring post. Rey then connected with the senton and a big DDT for a nearfall! Bray Wyatt then made his way in and Rey sent him into the ropes with the drop toe hold for the 619, and sent Harper into the ropes as well. Rey then hit the 619 on Harper as Bray got out of the way and decked Rey from behind. Cody then made his way into the ring with a huge lap on Bray, but Rowan powered Cody into the fan barrier! Goldust then took Rowan out with a huge leap! Rey and Harper exchanged blows in the ring as Rey set him up for the 619, but Bray tagged himself in and blocked the 619 attempt, dropping Rey with the Sister Abigail to pick up the victory.

Winner (s): The Wyatt Family

Rating: ***

Analysis: That was yet another great 6 man tag team match involving the Wyatts. Goldust and Cody Rhodes have great chemistry while working together, and this furthers the animosity between the brothers. Rey looked good after coming back from a long lay out, and as it should be, is putting over the younger talents. Bray Wyatt looked impressive yet again, and it’ll be interesting to see how the Wyatts – Shield feuds is built from here on out.

Post – match, Bray Wyatt cut a promo sitting in his rocking chair on The Shield, and said that the trio will fall just in time for the new beginning.

We then saw Roman Reigns’ performance at the Royal Rumble. Backstage, Renee interviewed the members of The Shield. Reigns said actions spoke louder than words, while Seth said they spoke in absolutes. Ambrose said that they will destroy The Wyatts; Renee then asked about Ambrose’s US championship, and asked him what kind of a champion he was. Ambrose got upset and said there was no one in the back who could take him on. He issued an open challenge and walked away, while Reigns laughed. Will this be the cue for a “surprise return” and Ambrose losing the title? One would think so, but we’ll have to wait and find out.

The Bellas, Funkadactyles, Natalya and Eva Marie were shown backstage with Betty along with Vickie Guerrero. NAO walked up and said they heard someone was about to prank Betty, and said they got her back.

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