WWE RAW Results: Released superstar invades ringside during title match; Riddle makes huge announcement - Winners, Recap, Grades & Highlights (August 15, 2022)

We got some big surprises on tonight's episode of RAW!
We got some big surprises on tonight's episode of RAW!

Tonight's episode of RAW kicked off with The Judgment Day making their way out to the ring. Rhea Ripley said on behalf of the trio that they run RAW now and that she was now Dominik Mysterio's "Papi." Balor and Priest joined in on trash-talking the Mysterios and Edge before Rey stormed the ring.

Rey Mysterio took down Priest before Balor got a steel chair, but Rey took the chair and beat him and Damian with it. Ripley got in the way and Rey froze before Damian and Finn took him down. The trio laid out the WWE legend before we headed for the opening match on RAW.

How cool do you have to be to join #TheJudgmentDay?THIS cool.@RheaRipley_WWE @ArcherofInfamy @FinnBalor #WWERaw

WWE RAW Results (15th August, 2022): Asuka & Alexa Bliss vs. Nikki A.S.H. & Doudrop - Women's Tag Team Championship Tournament Match

The WWE Women's Tag Team Championship Tournament continues as @AlexaBliss_WWE & @WWEAsuka take on @DoudropWWE & @WWENikkiASH!#WWERaw

Asuka and Nikki kicked off the match and the latter had control of the match early on before Bliss came in and took her former tag partner down. Bliss and Asuka cleared the ring before we headed for a break.

Back on the show, Asuka got a big dropkick on Doudrop before hitting Nikki with a German Suplex. Doudrop ran a distraction, allowing Nikki to get a near fall before Bliss tagged back in.

Bliss took a crossbody from A.S.H. before Asuka came in and took a Michinoku Driver. Bliss came back in and got a big DDT on Doudrop before Asuka locked in a submission hold. Bliss wiped Nikki out at ringside before Doudrop tapped out.

Result: Asuka & Alexa Bliss def. Nikki A.S.H. & Doudrop

Mooooooooove over and make way for @itsBayleyWWE, @ImKingKota and #IYOSKY! πŸ‘€#WWERaw

Grade: B

We saw a backstage brawl between Dolph Ziggler and Theory after a back-and-forth conversation.

Oh no no no, @_Theory1 just went there!#WWERaw

Ciampa & The Miz vs. Cedric Alexander & Mustafa Ali on RAW

How AWESOME is the team of @mikethemiz & @NXTCiampa?!#WWERaw

Ciampa and Alexander kicked off the match and the former NXT champ got the first takedown. Cedric got a dropkick and made the tag before Ali came in with a big dive. Back after a break, Cedric got a near fall before the Miz was tagged in.

Cedric dodged a Skull Crushing Finale and tried for a pin before Ciampa forced a rope break. The Miz tried for a pin of his own but Ali broke it up. Ciampa was tagged in, as Ali tried for a 450 splash but was kicked out of the air. Ciampa followed up with the Fairytale Ending before picking up the win.

Result: Ciampa & The Miz def. Cedric Alexander & Mustafa Ali

This match is truly AWESOME as the team of @mikethemiz & @NXTCiampa take on @AliWWE & @CedricAlexander!#WWERaw

Grade: B

We saw a picture of Ezekiel's family who were at the hospital to meet the injured superstar. Somehow they all look the same.

Here's the latest update on @IAmNotEliasWWE following the actions of @FightOwensFight!#WWERaw

Drew McIntyre was out next on RAW and said that he had been carrying the company throughout Roman Reigns' title reign. He wondered about his future opponent after Clash at the Castle before Kevin Owens came out to interrupt him.

If @DMcIntyreWWE wins at #WWECastle, how's THIS for some potential challengers to come? πŸ‘€#WWERaw

Owens called Drew a 'dumba**' before recalling his epic match with Sami Zayn at the same arena six years ago. KO said that he was back to his ruthless old self and that he would be coming after the Universal Title after Clash at the Castle. Drew got mad and called for a match before we headed for a break on RAW.

WOW! @DMcIntyreWWE just brought the thunder on the 🎀 against @FightOwensFight!!!#WWERaw

Drew McIntyre vs. Kevin Owens on RAW

A determined @DMcIntyreWWE withstands an attack from @WWEUsos AND @FightOwensFight on #WWERaw!

Drew had the early advantage and drove Owens into the corner before KO came back with an elbow and an Irish Whip. Owens got the cannonball and a senton in the corner for a near fall. Drew tried to suplex KO out of the ring but Owens reversed it and dropped him from the apron instead.

Outside the ring, Owens hit a big senton from the apron before we headed for a break. Back on RAW, Drew and Owens exchanged dropkicks before McIntyre got a near fall off a massive suplex. Owens got a cannonball from the Tree of Woe in the corner before getting the senton and moonsault for near falls.

Drew blocked the stunner before they took each other out in the middle of the ring. The Usos interfered in the match but Drew took them out while the match was called off due to disqualification. Owens came in with the stunner and took out Drew before the Usos came back. McIntyre managed to get up and hit a Claymore on The Usos to take them out before RAW continued.

Result: Drew McIntyre def. Kevin Owens via DQ

"Tell your Tribal Chief, he owes me one." @FightOwensFight | #WWERaw

Grade: B+

Seth Rollins was out next on RAW and said that he was hoping that Riddle would announce his retirement today. Riddle came on the Titantron and said that he was medically cleared and wished to seek revenge on Rollins. Seth taunted Riddle and threatened to stomp on his neck once more before Riddle ran to the ring.

Rollins was shocked and missed the stomp as Riddle ran into the ring and started unloading on him. Rollins took some big suplexes before driving Riddle into the apron and over the announcers' desk. Rollins was about to stomp on Riddle on the announcers' desk but the latter blocked it.

Rollins fled into the crowd and Riddle chased him off before we headed for a break on RAW.

Backstage on RAW, Riddle challenged Seth to a match at Clash at the Castle before we moved on.

Veer Mahaan vs. Beaux Keller on RAW

Who is @VeerMahaan's opponent on #WWERaw tonight?Wrong answers only.#WWERaw

Veer took on another local competitor and it was a squash match as expected. The newcomer tried to escape the ring and got a dropkick early on before Veer casually tossed him outside the ring and then back inside.

Mahaan hit the devastating clothesline before hitting his strange pelvic thrust move. Mahaan locked in the cervical clutch before picking up the easy win.

Result: Veer Mahaan def. Beaux Keller

Don't make @VeerMahaan angry! 😑#WWERaw

Grade: C

Bayley, Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky were backstage and threatened Dana Brooke before we headed for the next match.

Bobby Lashley (c) vs. AJ Styles - United States Title match on RAW

AJ started off strong and managed to take the champ down but was hit with some big slams. Styles dodged Lashley's ring post slam and hit a dive off the apron, knocking him down at ringside. Back after a break, Lashley got a massive spear before tossing AJ into the turnbuckles.

Ciampa and The Miz came out to ringside to spectate before AJ was tackled off the apron by the champ. Miz and Ciampa were about to attack Styles at ringside when a fan (Dexter Lumis?) seemingly jumped the barricades and we headed for commercials.

#USChampion @fightbobby is in control and ... who just showed up on #WWERaw?!?

During the commercial, The Miz took a spear from Lashley before Ciampa got in the ring and was ejected from ringside. Back on the show, AJ hit a forearm before Lashley got a running powerslam for a near fall.

AJ caught Lashley in a massive Rack Bomb but failed to get the pin. Lashley got yet another slam for a near fall before sending him crashing into the ring post outside. Styles dodged the spear in the ring and locked in the calf crusher but missed the forearm and took a spear before going down for the three-count.

Result: Bobby Lashley def. AJ Styles to retain the United States Title

#USChampion @fightbobby retains the #USTitle against one tough challenge in @AJStylesOrg on #WWERaw!#AndStill

Grade: B+

Dakota Kai vs. Dana Brooke on RAW

.@ImKingKota has arrived in a #WWERaw ring as @itsBayleyWWE & #IYOSKY watch closely! πŸ‘€

Kai went for some early pins before kicking the 24/7 champion in the face a few times. Brooke got a big boot out of the corner before hitting two clotheslines and a cartwheel splash in the corner.

Dakota sent Brooke into the corner off a counter and hit a big boot before picking up the easy win.

Result: Dakota Kai def. Dana Brooke

Who else agrees that @ImKingKota's theme is an absolute banger? 🎢@itsBayleyWWE #IYOSKY #WWECastle

Grade: C

Theory vs. Dolph Ziggler on RAW

Can Mr. #MITB @_Theory1 kickstart his momentum on #WWERaw or will @HEELZiggler pick up a feelgood win?

Ziggler started off strong and unloaded on Theory as the match kicked off. Theory took control for a bit and smashed Ziggler's head on the turnbuckles before countering a superplex. Ziggler came back and sent Theory off the ropes with a big move before getting a near fall.

Back after a break, Theory got a rolling dropkick before sending Ziggler into the ring post. Theory got a spinning powerbomb before taking the Famouser for a near fall. Ziggler got the Zig Zag before Theory came back with the A-Town Down for the win.

Result: Theory def. Dolph Ziggler

Grade: B

Episode rating: B

We got a great title match tonight on RAW while Asuka and Bliss advanced in the tag team title tournament. Riddle issued a big challenge to Rollins while Rey Mysterio took another 3-on-1 beating from the Judgment Day.

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