WWE Monday Night RAW Results: Winners, Recap, Grades & Highlights (November 21, 2022)

We got a hard-hitting episode of RAW before WWE Survivor Series!
We got a hard-hitting episode of RAW before WWE Survivor Series!

Kevin Owens kicked off the RAW before Survivor Series and said that he was going after The Bloodline. Owens added that he brought in some backups and The Brawling Brutes and Drew McIntyre came out to join him.

Quite the entrance for The Brawling Brutes & @DMcIntyreWWE ahead of #SurvivorSeries #WarGames this Saturday!#WWERaw

The Judgment Day came out next and asked the Brutes what they were doing on 'their' show. Balor and Sheamus started bickering, and the teams decided to set up a match to start the night off.

"Tell my deadbeat dad I said hello!"@DomMysterio35 delivers a message on #WWERaw.

WWE RAW Results (November 21, 2022): The Brawling Brutes vs. The Judgment Day

Albany is not quite fond of @DomMysterio35 to say the least...#WWERaw

Sheamus and Priest kicked off the match, and Judgment Day were in control early on, with Damian hitting a Broken Arrow. Dominik tagged in, and the crowd booed him while the heels isolated Ridge Holland in the ring.

Butch came in and sent Dom outside before we headed for a break. Back on RAW, Butch was isolated but managed to get out and lock in a hold on Dominik. Sheamus was tagged in, and he managed to isolate Dominik before the O.C. came out to watch the match.

Sheamus got a big knee strike before getting two sets of chops on Dom on the ropes before getting the Brogue kick for the win.

Result: The Brawling Brutes def. The Judgment Day

You can run, but you can't hide!@DomMysterio35 @WWESheamus#WWERaw

After the match, Sheamus chased Damian Priest up the entrance ramp, and The O.C were at the other end. Luke Gallows took out Damian with a superkick before Owens snuck up behind Finn Balor in the ring and hit a Stunner.

STUNNER! đŸ’Ĩ@FightOwensFight is ready to open a can of his own this Saturday inside #WarGames at #SurvivorSeries!#WWERaw

Grade: B+

Johnny Gargano was out next to face The Miz, but the latter came out and said that he injured himself while filming a TikTok video with a cactus. He picked another opponent for Gargano, and it was the giant Omos.

Johnny Gargano vs. Omos on RAW

Omos was able to shake off the early attacks from Gargano and hit a big boot before Johnny hit a big dive to the outside. Gargano tried for a second dive, but Omos caught him and sent him into the apron.

Gargano got some hits in, but the Miz distracted him from the apron and allowed Omos to drag him back inside the ring. Gargano managed to take Omos down with Superkicks before his dive was caught with a chokeslam followed by the pin.

Result: Omos def. Johnny Gargano

Can David defeat Goliath on #WWERaw?!@JohnnyGargano brings the fight to @TheGiantOmos!

Grade: B-

Seth Rollins was in an interview and said that he asked for the triple-threat match to take out both Bobby Lashley and Austin Theory. He brought up Cody Rhodes and said that getting in the ring with him was a bad idea for anyone, let alone two other superstars who hated each other.

#USChampion @WWERollins wants EVERYONE to remember what happened to @CodyRhodes.....#WWERaw

Austin Theory vs. Mustafa Ali on RAW

Theory sent Ali into the corner right away and went after his injured ribs before locking in an abdominal stretch. Ali came back with a big DDT before getting a superkick and a near fall.

Theory returned with his GTS variant and got a near fall of his own before setting Ali up in the Tree of Woe in the corner and hammering away with kicks. Ali blocked a Superplex with a top rope powerbomb and got the 450 Splash, but Theory rolled out of the ring.

Back in the ring, Theory got the A-Town Down and picked up the win.

Result: Austin Theory def. Mustafa Ali

Grade: B

Bobby Lashley came out after the match and made fun of Theory for failing to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase. Theory fired back and reminded Lashley of his losses to Brock Lesnar and Rollins.

They started brawling, and Theory was sent outside and into the barricades. Theory came back with a steel chair and hit Lashley, but he barely flinched before chasing after him.

Ali was backstage when Theory ran into him and started a fight there before running off again. Ali shoved Lashley, and the latter sent him outside to the arena and took him out with the Hurt Lock.

Unfortunately for @AliWWE, someone had to pay the price!#WWERaw

Elias & Riddle vs. Alpha Academy on RAW

Elias and Gable kicked off the match, and the latter was taking a beating early on. After a break on RAW, Otis sent Elias into the barricades before Riddle took a German Suplex from Gable on the apron.

Elias came back and got an inverted Stunner/Neckbreaker on Gable before the Academy was sent outside, and Riddle hit a big dive. Back in the ring, Riddle got the floating Bro on Gable before picking up the win.

Result: Elias & Riddle def. Alpha Academy

Grade: B

JBL and Baron Corbin were backstage and making fun of Scotland. Drew McIntyre came in and called them out before setting up a match and taking down Corbin with a strike.

He knocked the HAT off of him!!!@DMcIntyreWWE #WWERaw

Drew McIntyre vs. Baron Corbin on RAW

Drew got a big clothesline in and sent Corbin over the ropes before sending him into the timekeeper's area. JBL distracted Drew, and it allowed Corbin to knock him off the apron and outside the ring.

Corbin sent Drew into the corner before Drew came back with a suplex. Drew got a big slam for a near fall before Corbin hit a Superplex. McIntyre got a Spinebuster and Corbin replied with a modified Samoan Drop.

Akira Tozawa showed up out of nowhere and stole JBL's hat before running into the crowd. Drew got the claymore off the distraction and got the win.

Result: Drew McIntyre def. Baron Corbin

What a surprise ending that was for @JCLayfield!#WWERaw

Grade: B

The O.C. were in a backstage interview and The Judgment Day attacked them. Rhea took out Michin (formerly Mia Yim) while the others brawled their way into the parking area.

Bianca Belair was out next with Asuka and Alexa Bliss and said that they were ready for war. Bianca added that she wanted to keep the fifth member of their team a secret for now.

.@BiancaBelairWWE says that they will reveal the final member on #SmackDown. #WWERaw #WWE

Damage CTRL came out with Rhea Ripley and made fun of Bianca and Bayley said that no one likes Bianca enough to team up with her.

"Just like #WrestleMania, Mami's gonna ERADICATE you!" @RheaRipley_WWE is ready for Asuka! ⚖ī¸#WWERaw #WWW

Asuka vs. Rhea Ripley

Who will gain the #SurvivorSeries #WarGames advantage on #WWERaw when @RheaRipley_WWE clashes with @WWEAsuka?

The match went outside early on, and Asuka got a hip attack on the apron before Ripley dropped Asuka in the ring and locked in a submission hold. Asuka came back with an ankle lock, and a knee bar before Ripley broke out of it.

Rhea kicked Asuka off the top rope before we headed for a break. Back on RAW, Asuka got a near-fall off a sliding kick before Rhea hit a Northern Lights Suplex. Asuka blocked the Riptide and got the Asuka Lock before Damage CTRL distracted her and broke the hold.

Asuka got the arm bar before Ripley broke out and got the Riptide, picking up the sudden win.

Result: Rhea Ripley def. Asuka

As @RheaRipley_WWE gains the #WarGames advantage for her team, it's a complete brawl between both teams just days before #SurvivorSeries!#WWERaw

A brawl broke out between the two teams after the match, and team Bianca seemed to have things in control until Rhea wiped them out. Michin came out and attacked Ripley, taking her out before officials came out to break it up.

Preview of things to come at #SurvivorSeries! #WWERaw #WWE

Grade: B

Episode rating: B+

We got a great tag match to kick off RAW tonight while The O.C. were attacked by The Judgment Day backstage. We got a big main event that gave Damage CTRL the advantage going into WarGames leading up to a big brawl to close out the show before Survivor Series.

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