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WWE Money in the Bank 2019 Predictions: Roman Reigns vs. Elias

  • The Big Dog will be looking to hunt down The Drifter this Sunday at Money in the Bank.
Modified 16 May 2019, 08:03 IST
'The Drifter' tries to ground 'the Big Dog' at Money in the Bank this Sunday.

Both Roman Reigns and Elias wanted to be the 'Biggest Acquisition in the history of SmackDown' after the Superstar Shake Up.

They immediately jumped into a feud with each other and a week after the Shake Up, Elias allied himself with Shane McMahon as both men attacked Reigns in the ring.

Shane McMahon was seeking revenge on Reigns for punching his father. Later in the night, Elias challenged Reigns to a match at MITB. Reigns wasted little time in responding and accepting the challenge.

Due to the creation of 'the Wildcard Rule', the feud has been featured weekly on both Raw and SmackDown. Reigns 'calls' all of WWE his yard and thus appears on Raw. And of course, where Reigns now goes, Elias is sure to follow.

During one backstage interview, Elias even claimed that Reigns was 'a shell of himself' after his return to WWE from battling Leukemia. While Reigns and fans would likely disagree with 'the Drifter', he has gotten the upper hand on 'the Big Dog' at almost every turn.


The feud has even forced Reigns to partner with one of his most heated rivals in The Miz. The A-Lister was also feuding with McMahon due to Shane O'Mac's heel turn and attack on Miz's father before and after WrestleMania 35. It was a strange dynamic, but sometimes you need all the allies you can get.

In that regard, McMahon booked a 4-on-3 handicap match for this week's SmackDown pitting Daniel Bryan, Rowan, McMahon and Elias against Reigns and his cousins, the Usos. MITB was spilling everywhere as three matches for the PPV were taking center stage in one match.

The Miz was banned from the building during the match and would lose his match on Sunday if he interfered.

With WWE's need to push Reigns on both shows and continue the feud as well on both Raw and SmackDown, it seems like this might be the first match in a series of many. If Elias wins, he'll continue to gloat alongside McMahon.

If Reigns wins, then Elias and Shane McMahon will continue to be thorns in the paws of 'the Big Dog.'

It is technically Reigns' second PPV singles' match since returning to the WWE, and I don't think he loses it.

Elias is slowly becoming a huge star in his own right, but if McIntyre didn't beat Roman, then I don't see Elias doing it. It could happen though due to Mr. McMahon's insistence that Elias was the big acquisition.

Expect interference in this match as well as the steel cage match between Miz and McMahon. But in order to logically move the feud forward if that is what they intend to do, I have Reigns overcoming the interference and winning at MITB.

It might be a better decision to give Elias a shock win to help propel him further up the food chain as a major heel, but Reigns will only lose if he is attacked by several men during the match.

Shane McMahon could also tweak the match in the favor of Elias during the show, but Reigns will win.

Published 16 May 2019, 08:03 IST
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