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WWE News: A new 24/7 Champion crowned on SmackDown Live tonight

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The diminutive Drake Maverick continued his quest for the 24/7 title.
The diminutive Drake Maverick continued his quest for the 24/7 title.

One downside of having Elias as 24/7 Champion is that most of the time, the rules associated with the title are suspended. But as we learned earlier in the night, Shane McMahon wasn't at the show to throw his weight around.

As Elias sat in McMahon's office, Kevin Owens entered looking for the Chairman's son. Elias revealed that he wasn't at the show which gave Owens a sinister plan that would play out later on during SmackDown. Elias then took to the stage to give a proclamation as if he had already won the King of the Ring Tournament. But as he has done before, Owens snuck up behind the Drifter to throw a wrench into his plans.

Owens wanted to enact some payback for the unfair circumstances behind Elias' win last week over him. KO then took the Drifter down to the ring in order to enact some of his own justice. After a beating and a stunner, Elias was left lying in wait to be pinned.

Not surprisingly, the two men who have been most closely associated with the title both tried to pin Elias, with R-Truth trying it first. Drake Maverick pulled him out of the ring before a three-count was made and instead Maverick pinned Elias to pick up his fifth reign as 24/7 Champion.

The graphic above asked the next logical question now that Maverick is once again the 24/7 Champion - will he finally consummate his marriage? It's been a big problem for Maverick since his machinations to win back the title have driven a wedge between the two newlyweds.

The next question we have to ask is will Maverick be able to hold on to the title until next week or does he have a family function between now and next week at which someone will try to pin him? R Truth is always lurking around with a referee so Drake better get to work while he can before he loses the best chance he's had to consummate his marriage.


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