WWE News: AJ Lee on when Big E accidentally hit her during their entrance

AJ Lee played quite the prank on Big E

What’s the story?

AJ Lee has been busy promoting her new book called “Crazy Is My Superpower”. During a Q & A session as part of the promotion, the former Diva’s Champion shared a funny backstage story about how she pulled off a prank on Big E.

In case you didn’t know...

Big E made his main roster debut in 2012 by attacking John Cena, and he was paired up with AJ Lee and Dolph Ziggler. Big E would then become an enforcer for Dolph Ziggler, who was the storyline boyfriend of AJ Lee at that time. The association between these three went on to become a memorable mid-card storyline in 2013.

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The Big E – AJ Lee pairing came to an end at the 2013 SummerSlam when the duo was defeated by Ziggler and Kaitlyn.

The heart of the matter

AJ Lee recalled a particular incident from her run with Big E when the former WWE Tag Team champion accidently hit her hard in the chest, during their entrance. Big E was stretching his arms back when he accidently struck AJ. The Black Widow said that she made Big E believe that she was actually hurt in the incident and even told him that her sternum was broken. She said:

"He's like the most - also, I can take a lot of pain, so I was just like 'Whatever,' - but he's the most gentle giant and so, we got the back and he's just like 'Oh my god! Oh my god!' He was on the verge of tears and was like 'What can I do? Are you okay?' and so I thought it would really - you know, to be a really good friend - I was like 'let me make him feel so bad about this.” She said.

What’s next?

AJ Lee will continue to make media appearances to promote her new book; so, expect to hear several other interesting stories from her time in the WWE.

Author’s take

These backstage stories are always good to hear. They give us an insight into the personal lives of our beloved WWE superstars. Even in an era which is dominated by Social media, these stories are still heart warming. Telling such stories is a great marketing ploy for the former Divas champion, and she is likely to reap benefits with increased book sales.

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