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WWE News: AJ Styles shuts down James Ellsworth on twitter

AJ Styles doesn't seem to be fond of James Ellsworth.

The New “Face That Runs The Place” wasn’t too kind to the man who offered his hand

The latest edition of Smackdown Live saw AJ Style’s first Smackdown as WWE World Champion. The episode also saw a returning John Cena claiming that Styles had “something that belongs to him” and that he wanted it back. Of course, he was referring to the WWE World Championship.

Styles, however, took the Cena armband off his arm which he took from him at Summerslam and gave it back. Dean Ambrose then came out to claim his rematch for the title he had lost the previous night, and Cena and Ambrose got into a verbal war themselves.

Smackdown Live commissioner Shane McMahon then came out and said that Ambrose would get his one-on-one rematch (which is clearly planting the seeds for Survivor Series perhaps), but announced that at No Mercy next month, AJ Styles would be defending the WWE World Championship against John Cena and Dean Ambrose in a triple threat match. However, in the main event of that Smackdown Live, Cena and Ambrose would be teaming up to face AJ Styles and a partner of his choice. 

After being rejected by Baron Corbin and Kane, AJ Styles told Smackdown Live General Manager Daniel Bryan that he would go out alone after clear disdain over not finding a partner, Daniel Bryan said that he had a partner for him, and then reintroduced James Ellsworth, when the Philadelphia crowd popped. The main event was set for the night.

An odd pairing would be an understatement

When James Ellsworth came out in the main event (to no music), he was attacked from behind by The Miz and was then given the skull-crushing finale onto the entrance ramp. The Miz then threw him aside, clearly furious that Ellsworth was chosen for the main event instead of him. The Miz went on to take his place.

Ellsworth, being an enhancement talent with only one appearance on Raw prior to this, gained unlikely popularity among fans due to his unique look and his dialogue “Any man with two hands has a fighting chance”. Ellsworth being the humble man that he is, took to twitter to apologize to AJ Styles:

AJ Styles responded, and he didn’t exactly accept the apology:

It would definitely be interesting to see Ellsworth appear on WWE television again in a comedy role. He has received an extremely positive reaction from the fans.

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