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WWE News: Al Snow recalls his early days in WWE and working with The Undertaker

Al Snow talks about his first impressions of The Undertaker.

Al Snow with his infamous Head

In his latest podcast on Eric Bischoff on Wrestling Recap, Eric Bischoff welcomed former WWE Superstar Al Snow and discussed his earlier days in WWE. Al Snow fondly recalled his early days in WWE, working with the Undertaker and what plans WWE had for him in the early days.

Al Snow started of the podcast by saying that he has been incredibly blessed to be able to do what he loves for as long he has been able to. He admitted that professional wrestling could be both very frustrating and enjoyable depending on the current scenario one finds himself in.

Later, Al Snow recalled his early days in WWE. He recalled his early storylines with The Undertaker and admitted that even then he could tell that the man was destined for greatness. He told Bischoff that even when Taker was working as the “Mean” Mark Callaway, Taker had all the tools one would require to have a long and illustrious career in the business.

He also added that when Taker got the “The Undertaker” gimmick, his career skyrocketed to legendary proportions.

Al Snow also talked about his “Avatar” gimmick which was designed by Vince McMahon, who was hoping to capitalise on the popularity of Mortal Kombat and Power Rangers at that period. Al Snow explained the difficulties he had with the gimmick candidly. 

He recalled not being able to see clearly out of the mask on his debut and feeling the ropes to be too loose to perform half of his offence. He said that the character had no legs and was doomed to fail from the get-go.

Al Snow then revealed that he sometimes felt that the business has passed him by and added that he was frustrated because of it. But on other occasions, he felt that the business hadn’t changed much at all. He graciously accepted Eric Bischoff’s complement of him about his wrestling psychology before the podcast came to an end.

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