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WWE News: Alberto Del Rio already lands two bookings post-WWE departure

The reborn Alberto El Patron already isn't struggling to find work, and his first set of appearances are in the UK

Alberto is El Patron once more

WWE just announced yesterday that Alberto Del Rio was released from his WWE contract. It was a mutual agreement between the two parties. Del Rio was not going to renew his contract that expired in October, and since he got suspended, it appears they both worked on an agreement to release him from his contract a month early. However, Del Rio said that WWE and he are in good terms with each other this time, and the door is open to him for a future return.

Last time when Del Rio left WWE, he went on to become the hottest free agent in professional wrestling (as cliché as the term now is), and made a huge name for himself as Alberto Del Patron, wrestling in several of the biggest independent promotion’s in the world and US, and also in Ring Of Honor and Lucha Underground. Clearly, he wasn’t losing out too much, because he was one of the few independent wrestlers who was making plenty of money working from the independents(the select few of the list include Colt Cabana and The Young Bucks).
Now, just one day after Del Rio and WWE announced the end of their business relationship, Del Rio has already been booked for 3 dates, with two wrestling promotions. You may be familiar with one of them – WhatCulture Pro Wrestling(WCPW). The other one – World Association of Wrestling(WAW). The latter, WAW, belongs to a certain WWE superstar’s parents – Paige. That’s right. On the 16th and 17th of September, Del Rio, now El Patron – will be wrestling two dates at Paige’s parent's promotion, at Paige’s hometown of Norwich. Perhaps this was the pretext of WCPW being able to book Del Rio for their taping at Newcastle, just one day before the WAW tapings – on September 15th

WCPW announcement: 

WAW announcement:

This was a great opportunity snatched by both promotions. It is curious to know whether WCPW managed to book El Patron in the pretext of having heard of his WAW booking, or if it was vice versa. Since El Patron is dating Paige, it is likely that he wanted to help them out. Either which ways, El Patron looks to already be reviving his status as the hottest free agent in professional wrestling. 

El Patron said that he will not be exclusive to a single organization for the next couple of years, after which he plans to retire.


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