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WWE News: Alberto Del Rio reveals his dumbest angle in WWE

No prizes for guessing what Del Rio considered the low point of his WWE tenure.

Del Rio does not have fond memories of his time with Colter

What’s the story?

Alberto Del Rio recently spoke with Sam Roberts on the latter’s podcast about a whole host of subjects, including a number of fascinating professional wrestling topics. The two went through Del Rio’s career in the WWE and the Mexican Aristocrat revealed that he feels that his return angle was Zeb Colter as MexAmerica was the dumbest story he was a part of in the company. 

Here’s what Del Rio had to say about the angle:

’I couldn’t understand what we were trying to do so the people didn’t click with it because it was really confusing’

In case you didn’t know...

Alberto Del Rio made a shocking return to WWE at the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view in October 2015, defeating John Cena clean in the middle of the ring to become the United States Champion. Del Rio was introduced by former nemesis Zeb Colter, and the two quickly formed an alliance on WWE TV.

The main problem with this was that just a few years earlier, Del Rio and Colter were at each other’s throats, and WWE fans couldn’t accept the two working together without legitimate reason. The duo failed to get over with fans and was eventually split up, with Colter leaving the company shortly after. 

The heart of the matter

The MexAmerica angle is, without a doubt, one of the most confusing stories in recent WWE history and was a failure from the very beginning. It may well have started off the chain of events that led to Del Rio’s second WWE run being cut short, getting his return off to such a bad start that he was instantly seen as just another guy.

Del Rio handed in his resignation less than a year after returning. 

What’s next?

Neither Del Rio nor Colter are still with WWE, and whilst such circumstances would usually inevitably lead to a reunion on the independent scene, it is unthinkable that we’ll see Mex-America turn up again anytime soon. Colter (best known as Dutch Mantel) recently returned to TNA, where he works as a creative consultant. 

Sportskeeda’s take

When Del Rio returned to WWE in 2015 there was a sense of a real new beginning, of the failures of the past being swept aside in favour of rebuilding Del Rio and making good money. By pairing Alberto with Colter WWE essentially shot themselves in the foot from the get-go, and it is no surprise that Del Rio sees this as the dumbest angle of his entire WWE tenure. 

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