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WWE News: Alberto Del Rio reveals reason behind WWE departure

Del Rio bids goodbye to the WWE fraternity.

See you soon? Or maybe not

Last month the news of the two-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Alberto Del Rio (Jose Rodriguez) not returning to the company after completing his 30 days suspension for violating the wellness policy had started circulating the internet and news forums. 

Today morning an official statement was made to the press stating that the Mexican wrestler and the company had parted ways amicably. The terms and conditions of the release from the company have allowed the wrestler to work in the US and also internationally.

Later today, a press conference was held in Mexico where even Del Rio's girlfriend, Paige was present but didn't sit at the podium or gave any other interviews. 

At the conference, Del Rio seemed relieved and focussed but also in a state of mixed emotions. He started off by saying “The main objective of this press conference is to notify Mexico - the place where I was born, where my career started and where it's going to end – that I was tired of the work pace.

“I wasn't comfortable anymore, I felt that they weren't doing stuff with me and I decided to move. I understand that they weren't going to give me more exposure; I understand their motives and we reached an agreement.”

His second coming in the WWE wasn't of much success since, the time he made his surprise return in 2015 at the Hell in a Cell to beat John Cena and win the United State Championship and his return always received mixed reactions from the crowd. His teaming up with Zeb Colter, forming 'The League Of Nations' were gimmicks that didn't last long. 

With age not being on the latino wrestler's side, the call had to be taken. He continued “I don't want to keep taking bumps too much, so I'll work in a few amount of shows.The main reason of my decision was seeing my kid hiding my bags to stop me from traveling. I want to enjoy my family and also, I wasn't comfortable with my second tenure with WWE...I spoke with my father, who's the one that always give me great advice and that same day I decided to talk with the board of directors. 

“I don't regret my second tenure with the company. They gave me everything I asked for, and my decision wasn't set because of the lack of championships: that's irrelevant in this stage of my career. I left the company because I couldn't keep up with their work rhythm. Making an assessment of my second tenure, I'd say it's a 50/50.”

Del Rio is confident and certain about what he wants and how much he can take. After bouts of self-realization that he has begun losing interest in pro wrestling but has still a lot left till he retires. He plans to wrestle under the banners of the Mexican promoters like AAA, CMLL, Liga Elite. The former WWE star is self-reliant and promises to be a spectacle.

He signs off by saying “My last two years will be in Mexico and San Luis Potosí with my dad, brother and with Mil Máscaras.”

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