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WWE News: Alberto El Patrón adresses exit from WWE, CM Punk, UFC and more

Did Alberto Del Rio leave WWE on bad terms?

Everything’s good between Del Rio and his former company

Alberto El Patrón (Del Rio) parted ways with WWE earlier this month. The internet was abuzz with rumours about reasons for his exit, most speculating that the former WWE champ exited the company on bad terms. There were also rumours about WWE apparently trying to split Alberto and his girlfriend Paige, followed by rumours that suggested Paige too sought an exit from the company and was in fact, looking to get legal help to do so.

But Alberto’s latest interview with WhatCulture Wrestling (At a WCPW event at Newcastle, UK) should put these rumours to rest, at least for the time being. 

Alberto said that he left the WWE just because he wasn’t enjoying the second run with the company, but that everything is good between the two parties involved and they decided to end their working relationship on good terms. “I said I don’t want to be here anymore and they did everything in their power to let me go in an easy way and especially in good terms.” 

When asked about his future plans, Alberto said, “First of all, I’m gonna start enjoying wrestling again. That’s the reason I’ starting here in the UK. UK fans are fantastic. I’ve always enjoyed my performances in the UK.” 

Alberto Del Rio is one of the few pro wrestlers who have a background in Mixed Martial Arts. “Oh no! I’m too old for that (Laughs),” he said. CM Punk received a lot of hate from the MMA community for deciding to step foot in the Octagon.

“He’s one of my best friends in the business and I think he did a fantastic job. I know there’s a lot of hate and criticism for what Phil did. But they just criticise what they don’t know. It takes a lot of balls to jump in the cage and be in front of another man and go toe-to-toe in a real fight! That’s MMA... I mean he lost the fight, but that’s how the MMA world is. I’m pretty sure he’ll be back bigger, stronger and the next time he’ll do a better job,” he said.

He also spoke about his stint with Lucha Underground last year and described his experience as “fantastic”. “The crowd over there is just insane. They just go out there to enjoy the show,” he said. He said that he is still in touch with the people there and believes that the company is gonna continue to grow.

Alberto said that he wants to be remembered for being a man who always gave his best when he was in the ring every night. 

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