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WWE news and notes: 26th July - Kane's return and other updates

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This year, the WWE October pay-per-view event “Over the Limit” will be changed. The new name of the event will be “WWE Battleground”.

While it is likely this is simply a cosmetic change to keep things fresh in the company, there is the potential that it could be a themed event as well. Based on the name, as well as the recent release of the WCW War Games DVD, maybe there is a chance that “The Match Beyond” will make its return. However, this part is just speculation for now.

Kane was originally reported as not being on the current Australian tour. That has been changed, and Kane is advertised for the events. He has already worked at least one event on the tour, teaming with John Cena and Daniel Bryan against the Shield in a 6-man tag team match.

Former WWF Intercontinental 3-time World Tag Team Champion Jacques “The Mountie” Rougeau has filed a complaint after a man carrying a 12-gauge shotgun appeared to be looking for Rougeau and was making threats, according to CKOI 96.9 radio in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. At this point, Rougeau has no clue who the man is, nor why he is the subject of threats of violence. The local police have opened an investigation.

Former WWE developmental wrestler Brian McGhee, who wrestled as “DT Porter” while under contract, has been denied bail after being arrested on Wednesday. McGhee has been charged with allegedly stabbing his ex-girlfriend, one Bianca McGaughey, to death Wednesday evening. Police in Tampa, FL suspected McGhee of the crime when he posted a photo of himself covered in blood on his Facebook profile, which resulted in a high-speed chase once police got wind of what might be going on.

McGhee was captured when he wrecked his car during the chase, and sustained serious injuries in the process. McGaughey reportedly died at the crime scene as a result of the stab wounds. The case against McGhee is extremely strong, with several witnesses positively identifying him as the killer, and another who claims McGhee admitted to them that he did the crime.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is currently working on a movie about former NFL players for HBO. The film is being produced by Johnson’s co-star in Pain & Gain and The Other Guys, Mark Wahlberg.

Current ROH performer and former WWE diva Maria Kanellis is claiming that she was supposed to return to WWE earlier this month, but contract negotiations fell through. Kanellis is claiming that she, along with two other unnamed girls, were supposed to start with WWE, and had contracts finalized before the Bella Twins apparently got involved and said something to those in charge of the hiring, getting the signing of all three women vetoed. Kanellis has blasted the Bella Twins over Twitter several times since then.

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