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WWE News: Baron Corbin involved in huge lawsuit

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What's the story?

Baron Corbin was recently involved in a backstage incident that could have gone very badly for him if Vince McMahon didn't like him.

During that occurrence, something was revealed about Baron Corbin concerning the fact that he's involved in a major lawsuit. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that WWE didn't know about it until recently either.

In case you didn't know...

Baron Corbin has been running roughshod over the WWE roster since he debuted and came out victorious in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania 32.

But before that, Corbin was in the National Football League where he played offensive guard for the Arizona Cardinals and the Indianapolis Colts.

He never captured the NXT title before coming up but is a multi-sport athlete that Vince McMahon apparently believes in.

The heart of the matter

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter have reported that in early-August, Corbin was involved in a backstage incident where he interrupted a talent meeting being held by WWE doctor Joesph Maroon.

During Corbin's interruption, he was calling Maroon out because he didn't agree with the information the doctor was presenting where it comes to concussions.

Dr. Maroon was reportedly downplaying the link between concussions and CTE. This upset Corbin and he started firing back at the doctor. It was said that Baron Corbin was very knowledgable on the subject matter and argued with Maroon on several topics.

During the back-and-forth, Corbin made reference to the fact that the film "Concussions" features a characterised version of Joesph Maroon. Baron allegedly accused Maroon of "being the guy who covered up and denied the CTE story and link to pro football."


To be fair, it was said the portrayal of Maroon was way off point in the film and he had actually gone to the NFL about the concussion link in real life.

While people who were there claimed it was uncomfortable to watch another fact about The Lone Wolf was disclosed during this backstage meeting. It was revealed Baron Corbin was one of the players involved in a huge concussion lawsuit against the NFL. This was reportedly not known about within WWE until it came out in this meeting.

All of this reportedly led to the heat that Corbin has backstage.

What's next?

WWE will continue to do the responsible thing and educate people on concussion safety. Corbin is obviously a man who doesn't hold his opinion back when he's passionate about something.

But hopefully, Corbin's enthusiasm won't rear its head in the same manner because many people backstage said most people would have been fired for interrupting a talent meeting like that if they didn't have Vince McMahon's favour.

Author's take

If WWE would have known about Baron Corbin's past affiliation with that concussion lawsuit they very well might have passed on him in the first place.

But it's honestly a good thing he did because Baron Corbin has been an asset to WWE since his arrival and he has a bright future ahead of him. Let's just hope he can mind his manners the next time he's in a talent meeting.

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