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WWE News: Baron Corbin on growing up as a pro wrestling fan, dream opponent in WWE

Johny Payne
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Baron Corbin is one of WWE's top prospects today
Baron Corbin is one of WWE's top prospects today

What’s the story?

In a recent appearance on Busted Open, Baron Corbin weighed in on a myriad of topics.

Corbin spoke about being a metal fan, professional wrestling, Ernie Ladd, as well as his love for being in the pro-wrestling business. “The Lone Wolf” also revealed who his dream opponent is.

In case you didn’t know…

Baron Corbin, whose real name is Thomas Pestock, boasts an incredible resume of sporting accomplishments—having competed in pro-football as well as being a 3-time Golden Gloves boxing champion.

The towering athlete made the transition to the sport of professional wrestling in 2012; performing for WWE’s NXT brand until his main roster debut in 2016.

The heart of the matter

Baron Corbin spoke about being a huge fan of metal music, pointing out the similarity between metalheads and pro wrestling fans—in the sense that much like metal music fans have an unbridled passion for it, pro wrestling fans exhibit the same fierce loyalty and love for the sport.

Additionally, Corbin elucidated that his character in NXT saw him rile up opponents and fans, having them think that he isn’t a fan of pro wrestling and that he never had to go through the grind of the indie wrestling scene.

Corbin added that in reality, he and his father bonded a lot over music and pro wrestling. Besides, given the fact that he’s from Kansas City, Missouri, he was no stranger to pro wrestling icons such as Harley Race and Ric Flair.

Corbin expounded upon how pro-football and WWE legend Ernie Ladd paved the way for professional sportspersons to achieve success in WWE; stating that his sports background made it a lot easier for “The Lone Wolf” to swiftly ascend to the upper echelons of WWE. Corbin continued that he loves being a part of the pro-wrestling business, as he gets to travel the world with WWE.

Furthermore, Corbin explained that he’d like to face who he feels are WWE’s top athletes today, including Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins—

"Roman Reigns—without a doubt— I think he is the best athlete WWE has to offer—I have been in the ring with AJ Styles, so of course I would say the same for him, but I have never been in the ring with Roman Reigns, or Seth Rollins, and I think what those guys bring to the table are truly special. They just have something about them, and you know that they are a star—when Roman Reigns walks into a room, you say to yourself, that guy is a star.” 
“That is how i carry myself, and I think he is so athletic, and I believe I am one of the greatest athletes WWE has because of what I can offer with my background, from Golden Gloves to the NFL. I am a big dude that can move, so I want to see want kind of magic a guy like Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins can bring against me."

What’s next?

Baron Corbin presently performs for the WWE’s SmackDown brand.

As we’d previously reported, Corbin is rumored to be a part of the WWE Championship Match which will take place at Extreme Rules later this year.

Author’s take

Baron Corbin is perhaps one of the toughest individuals on the WWE roster today.

Corbin is an incredible athlete, and with a few minor tweaks to his on-screen character, this young man could truly breakthrough as the next big thing in WWE. 

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