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WWE News: Baron Corbin talks about the competition between RAW And SmackDown Live and Talking Smack

Baron Corbin reveals his mentors, and claims that RAW superstars are lazy.

Baron Corbin is quickly climbing the ranks of the WWE roster

WWE Superstar Baron Corbin was recently interviewed by Jonathan McLarty of The FlagshipThe Superstar was in Norfolk, VA for a SmackDown live event. During the interview, Corbin spoke about the raging battle between the two brands, his take on Talking Smack and much more.

On the battle for supremacy between RAW and SmackDown, Corbin said that the RAW Superstars have the tendency to become complacent. He pointed out that the fact that Monday Night RAW has been the flagship show for years now, works in favour of the blue brand. 

It makes the superstars over on SmackDown Live want to work harder and prove themselves.The WWE superstar was quoted as saying:

“When you’re handed a show like Raw that is the flagship of a company, you can be lazy. I believe we have created something very special and people really enjoy what we have.”

Corbin also spoke about the advantage that Talking Smack gave the superstars in the blue brand. He pointed out that the show had no commercial breaks and no interruptions, leaving the focus on wrestlers who could now speak their minds.

“You walk on there and you have no idea what you’re walking in to. Everything is very pure, everything is raw. It’s an opportunity to be yourself and put yourself out there. That’s how you come across special things. When things come out real, you find that special thing that latches on and launches you all the way to the top.” 

“The Lone Wolf’ also revealed the names of his mentors backstage. He mentioned that he would often approach the likes of Arn Anderson and Fit Finlay, whenever he needed help. He claimed that he could relate to Arn and Finlay because they were some of the toughest bad guys to step into the ring, very much like him.

Corbin recently had a successful outing against Kalisto at WWE TLC, where the two superstars put on a show in a chairs match. Corbin, however, emerged on top with an End of Days to Kalisto on a pile of steel chairs. Since then, there have been talks of pushing ‘The Lone Wolf’ to the top of the card and granting him a title shot in future.

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