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WWE News: Baron Corbin wins the King of the Ring tournament final in incredible finish

Published Sep 17, 2019
Sep 17, 2019 IST

All Hail King Corbin
All Hail King Corbin

The King of the Ring tournament finals took place on this week's episode of WWE RAW. The match took place between Chad Gable and Baron Corbin.

When the dust had settled and the match finally ended WWE had a new King of the Ring -- Baron Corbin.

Journey to the King of the Ring tournament final

Baron Corbin made history by winning a Triple Threat match to get into the finals, defeating both Ricochet and Samoa Joe.

On the other side of things, Chad Gable had the difficult task of overwhelming Shane McMahon against all odds. He was supposed to face Elias in the semi-final, but when the guitar-wielding Superstar had to withdraw from the tournament due to an injury, Shane McMahon inserted himself into the match.

He even had the advantage of a guest referee, with Kevin Owens trying to avoid the $100,000 fine that was imposed on him. Shane was defeated within seconds, but he restarted the match, making it 2-out-of-3 falls.

The tide turned against Gable, with Shane McMahon using Kevin Owens to make sure that Gable was not able to pin him. In the end, Gable locked in the Ankle Lock on Shane, making Vince McMahon's son scramble around until he had no choice but to submit. While Gable moved on, Shane showed his petty side by attacking Kevin Owens and firing him.

King of the Ring tournament winner -- Baron Corbin

The match saw a lot of effort from Chad Gable; the tournament has really proven to be his breakout competition as now Gable is recognized for the insane in-ring ability that he possesses.

His Ankle Lock move is recognized as a powerful finisher, but in the end, it was not enough to defeat Baron Corbin. The Lone Wolf was able to reach the ropes to break up the hold and then hit Gable with a fantastic End of Days.


With that move, Baron Corbin is now the winner of the King of the Ring tournament.

While Corbin might not have been the popular choice, as a heel he can use the tournament win to become quite the Champion, using the win in a lot of his future promos, and to develop his character.

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