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WWE News: Batista shoots on 'CM Punk' chants

Nithin Joseph
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Batista and CM Punk face off at Great American Bash 2008
Batista and CM Punk face off at Great American Bash 2008

What's the story?

In an interview with Jim Ross on the WWE Hall of Famer's podcast The Ross Report, Dave Bautista, better known as Batista, talked about the 'CM Punk' chants that the WWE Universe adore so much.

In case you didn't know...

The Animal has faced off against the Straight Edge Superstar on a number of occasions, most notably at Great American Bash 2008 for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, in which CM Punk came out on top after an interference from Kane.

The heart of the matter

On one of the most recent editions of The Ross Report, Batista gave his opinion on the 'CM Punk' fan chants and explained why he felt it was extremely disrespectful.

Batista began his explanation by expressing the sadness he felt during the WWE Universe's reaction to Rey Mysterio's entrance at the Royal Rumble and that this was one of the many reasons that he felt disconnected from the WWE Universe.

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He continued to say that he failed to have a 'meeting of the minds' with the WWE Universe during his last run with the promotion and the main reason was when the fans started chanting 'CM Punk' after he walked out.

Batista was quoted saying, "But that's what it was like the whole run. The fans, it just changed so much and I didn't know where the fans were at. It was just a weird atmosphere and a lot of 'CM Punk' chants after he walked out, which I don't understand and I love CM Punk, man.

"As a person, Phil Brooks, I love him. I love that guy. We've always gotten along. I've got a lot of respect for him, but I didn't necessarily like the way he left the company and I thought, 'the fans are cheering him like they're martyring him, and he really just walked out on them.' I didn't love that".

Despite expressing his displeasure for the CM Punk chants, Batista was quick to remind the listeners that he had no ill will towards The Straight Edge Superstar and that they were in fact on very good terms.


What's next?

Both CM Punk and Batista are currently not on good terms with the WWE, CM Punk more so than The Animal. While the possibility of CM Punk returning to the WWE seems highly unlikely (despite the rumours), Batista has hinted at returning for one final match against his former Evolution stablemate, Triple H at WrestleMania.

Author's take

Both men are extremely talented individuals and fans will be dying to see and support either one of them if they return to the ring. However, one thing the WWE Universe will not be doing anytime soon is ending the famous 'CM Punk' chants. Despite how much The Animal hates them.

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