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WWE News: Bayley quarrels with Elias after getting snubbed

Johny Payne
19.20K   //    03 Feb 2018, 21:56 IST

Elias riled up Bayley ahead of their WWE MMC Match
Elias riled up Bayley ahead of their WWE MMC Match

What’s the story?

In a backstage video put forth by the WWE, Bayley appears to be making her MMC Tag Team partner Elias’ acquaintance.

Nevertheless, upon being snubbed by Elias, Bayley seemed to lose her cool, and asserted that she’s ready to compete in the MMC with or without ‘The Drifter’.

In case you didn’t know…

The WWE recently announced a unique concept known as the Mixed Match Challenge (MMC)--that airs on Facebook Watch.

The MMC tournament features several teams—an individual team comprising one male & female superstar respectively—with the winning team receiving a $100,000 prize, the proceeds of which shall be donated to a charity of their choice.

The heart of the matter

Ever since Bayley and Elias were announced as Tag Team partners for the WWE MMC tournament, the 'Huggable One' has been trying to break the metaphorical ice with the latter by getting to know him better.

The latest in Bayley’s pursuit to make Elias’ acquaintance came as she showed off Elias’ new T-Shirt and tried to make small talk with 'The Drifter'. Nevertheless, Elias stated that he has a performance scheduled and he cannot be bothered right now.

Elias added that Bayley ought to get out of there, in response to which Bayley fired back that he’s got to take this seriously as they have an MMC match coming up. Upon being told to calm down, she added—

“No, you calm down! I don’t think you realize how much you need me in this match—I’m a former NXT Women’s Champion; I’m a former RAW Women’s Champion—you need me! And in the Mixed Match Challenge, I’m gonna defeat Rusev & Lana with or without you (*throws Elias’ T-Shirt at him*).”

What’s next?

A key occurrence in the video that’s set fans abuzz is the fact that Bayley portrayed an aggressive side to her character for the first time since coming over to the main roster. In reference to the same, Elias appeared to be smiling after an irate Bayley walked out of the locker room—likely indicating that it may have been the former’s plan all along to rile up and bring out the aggressiveness in Bayley.

Elias and Bayley compete against Rusev and Lana in the final first round match of the MMC tournament. Should Elias and Bayley win the tournament, the proceeds of their prize money shall be donated to Americares.

Author’s take

Baylye truly does need a detailed revamp of her character.

Perhaps the WWE could use Elias as a means to ignite the ferociousness and dark side of the former RAW Women’s Champion. After all, Bayley is indeed one of the best in-ring performers in the WWE today.

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