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WWE News: Billy Graham blasts WWE for disrespectful Dusty Rhodes Teddy Bear segment on RAW

WWE Hall of Famer, Billy Graham says the Dusty Rhodes Teddy Bear segment 'nauseated him'.

Dusty Rhodes was one of most beloved babyfaces of the 80s

Former WWE Superstar and Hall of Famer, ‘Superstar’ Billy Graham was very vocal when he expressed his disgust with the Dusty Rhodes teddy bear segment on Monday Night RAW last week. 

Graham wrote a piece, “Comedy and Death,” on his Facebook page and stressed on how upset he was with the Dusty Rhodes segment on Monday Night RAW. Graham pointed out that the segment was very disrespectful to the “American Dream” and his legacy.

Graham who was, in fact, very good friends with Dusty, lambasted WWE Creative on the angle. He had some tough words for the entire management for airing such a disrespectful segment about a former Superstar, who had contributed greatly to the business.

Graham also took a dig at The Club saying that he did not know which one of them was Gallows and which one was Anderson. He went on to write:

“Very funny to be making a joke off a dead WWE icon, The American Dream, who had more charisma than the entire WWE roster put together.”

Graham went on to write that the segment was the ultimate disrespect to the late great Dusty Rhodes. Graham accused the segment of being distasteful and made it clear that the writer should, in fact, be fired for coming up with such an audacious segment. 

I also think that the writer who came up with this disrespectful segment is a total piece of shit and should be fired for getting away with having the WWE air this disgusting segment. How low will the WWE continue to go is the question? I personally don't want to see.

During the segment, Bayley had gifted Goldust with a little teddy bear dressed is the characteristic Dusty Rhodes outfit and expressed her gratitude for the late great Superstar. She was then followed by the Club, Gallows and Anderson who snatched the teddy bear off Goldust’s hands and went on to rip its head off.

The entire segment was awkward and uncalled for, as it took a shot at one of the greatest and most beloved wrestlers of all time.  

Others such as Jim Ross and Cody Rhodes also expressed their shock and disappointment about the segment. Former WWE superstar Cody Rhodes sent out a tweet that was indicative of his emotions while choosing not to make any vicious comments on the creative team.

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