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WWE News: Bob Holly on Vince McMahon gifting him a race car, his change of view about women's wrestling and more

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Holly is a former multiple-time tag team champion in the WWE 

Former WWE superstar Bob Holly (real name: Robert William Howard) recently spoke to Sean Waltman on the latter’s podcast, X-Pac 1,2,360. Holly discussed how Vince McMahon gifted him the race car that he used, why his opinion about women’s wrestling has changed and being offered a job at WCW by Eric Bischoff among other things.

At one stage of his WWE (then  WWF) career, ‘Hardcore’ Holly was driving a race car sponsored by the company at the All Pro Series and also using it for his in-ring gimmick. After the WWF withdrew their association with the series, Vince McMahon decided to let Holly have the car for himself.

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However, McMahon attempted to pull his leg by suggesting that he was going to sell the car to the superstar. Even as Bob Holly was fearing that he would never be able to repay the cost of the vehicle, the WWE Chairman said that he would have to pay just $100 for it, much to the former’s surprise.

Holly tried to tell him that he would sell the car and give him the money that he got from it, but Vince stuck to the 100-dollar price tag. The 6-time WWF Hardcore Champion, though, claimed that he has not been charged a single penny for the automobile. This is what he said:

“He goes, no, I'm gonna let you have it. I'm going to sell it to you. I think he was screwing with me. He had to have been. I was in a panic because I was like, oh my God how am I going to get the money to pay for this? I was freaking out. So then he goes, I'm going to sell it to you for a hundred dollars. I'm like, excuse me? He goes, a hundred dollars.

I said no, I will sell it and get you your money out of all this equipment and give it back. He goes, nope. It's yours for a hundred dollars. I insist. Stay on the phone with my attorney and we'll send you all the paperwork and blah, blah, blah, and he hung up. To this day I never saw that hundred dollars come out of my paycheck.”

During the conversation, Bob Holly revealed that Eric Bischoff had offered him a job at WCW while he was working with WWF. According to the 53-year old, he did not even consider the option because he knew he had to be loyal to Vince McMahon for all that the latter had done for him. He was quoted as saying this:

“They did... It wasn't even an option for me. It was not even an option because Vince had taken such good care of me, and not monetarily - just through the whole race car thing. I'm a loyal person. You know, I've worked the man. I never had any problems for him. I just felt like my loyalty was important.”

In his autobiography, The Hardcore Truth: The Bob Holly Story, Holly had been scathingly critical about women’s wrestling. However, the former WWE star has had a complete change of opinion and thinks that they are now capable of pulling off an entire show on their own.


“Women's wrestling has evolved so much. I honestly think they can carry a show. I really do. I think they can main event a pay-per-view now. It has evolved so much and the talent has become so incredible now,” Bob Holly told Waltman.

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