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WWE News: Booker T says he wants to have a triple threat tag match against The New Day for Wrestlemania 33

Vidisha Joshi
6.51K   //    15 Nov 2016, 19:02 IST
Booker T, Goldust and R-Truth at Comedy Gold

Booker T, along with Goldust and R-Truth, recently appeared on the Table for 3 episode, of Comedy Gold by the WWE Network, and the former five-time WCW Champion said that he would be back in the ring for one more match at the upcoming Wrestlemania. Furthermore, he revealed his ideas on what he would like the match to be.

During the show, Booker T suggested that they (him, Goldust and R-Truth) should take on The New Day and should name the triumvirate,  'The Golden Truth'. Although the former Hall of Famer has retired, he clearly expressed his desire to come back for a match against The New Day at Wrestlemania 33.

He said,

“I sit, and I wonder sometimes, man, can I go out there and have one last Wrestlemania triple threat tag match with The New Day? I would have to have the right team. Do you know anybody? Wrestlemania 33? I’m talking about The New Day versus old school.”

Booker T and Goldust were one of the most entertaining teams in the history of WWE, during early 2000. They were so good together that people prefer this pairing to Booker T teaming up with Harlem Heat.

When asked about the chances of the Golden Truth winning gold against The New Day, here’s what Booker had to say:

“I like it. I like it a lot! But, there is a but, ther's always going to be a but. My thing is: Bookdust, we go out there and we had to scrape. Do you know what I mean? We had to scrape for everything we got. We finally cashed in and won the Tag Team Championship. Do you remember that? So I just don’t see the Golden Truth breaking that glass ceiling just yet. What is it going to take for you guys to get the tag team title matches and put you guys in position to actually go to the top, man? Beacuse you guys are entertaining! But the people, they want to see you with that gold aroung your waist, man. You know that.”

We have all seen how WWE has continuously tried to recreate the same magic of Booker T and Goldust’s pairing with R-Truth in Booker’s place. However, it hasn’t really been that good, as most people would agree. However, as of now, they are still a team, even if they aren’t one of the top teams in the company.

Booker T, who turned 51 this March, is still in good shape and definitely has the potential to wrestle again if he wants. His idea of wrestling The New Day is actually wonderful, considering the Wrestlemania 33 tag team division is currently lacking depth.


However, the question that remains is if WWE would, in fact, use his idea and implement it in the future. The answer, we say, is probably not. But still, one would have to wait and watch the magic unfold.

For now, here’s a video of Booker T, Goldust and R-Truth talking at the Comedy Gold show by WWE Network.

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