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WWE News: Boxing legend Tyson Fury to appear this Monday on WWE RAW

Shubham Roy
1.20K   //    05 Oct 2019, 12:01 IST

Braun Strowman taunting Tyson Fury
Braun Strowman taunting Tyson Fury

The season premiere episode of WWE SmackDown on FOX was a momentous occasion and saw The Blue Brand return to Friday nights on television after having been broadcasted on Tuesday nights from 2016-2019. Many WWE Legends and Hall of Famers were also in attendance in the front row, as well as other sports personalities.

This week's episode of Friday Night SmackDown witnessed an Eight-Man Tag Team match which saw the team of Braun Strowman, Heavy Machinery and The Miz taking on the team of Randy Orton, Dolph Ziggler, Robert Roode, and AJ Styles. During the match, Braun Strowman got into an altercation with the undefeated professional boxing legend Tyson Fury, who was seen seated in the front row at ringside.

WWE has now released an official statement in which they are offering the undefeated British boxer an opportunity to voice out his thoughts on this Monday night on WWE RAW.

The reason behind the altercation

Midway into the Eight-Man tag match, Strowman went outside the ring for a brief moment to run through all of his opponents and then taunted Tyson Fury, who was seated with the crowd in the front row.

The situation took a turn for the worse when Strowman shoved Dolph Ziggler into Fury when Ziggler tried to attack The Monster Among Men from behind and the Gypsy King was visibly not pleased with the treatment that he received. Strowman then picked Ziggler up and threw him into the ring and pinned him with the Running Powerslam to take the win for his team.

Right after the match came to an end, Tyson jumped over the guardrail and attempted to rush towards Strowman to confront him, but was stopped by WWE security and was escorted out of the arena. Strowman seemed to enjoy the situation as he was seen standing inside the ring with a grin on his face.

A possible dream match?

WWE has borne witness to a match between a WWE Superstar and a boxer in the past when Floyd Mayweather Jr. was challenged to a No-Disqualification match by the Big Show at WrestleMania XXIV.

Mayweather Jr. came out as the victor in that match and only time can tell if a potential match between Tyson Fury and Braun Strowman will take place or not. But for that, we will have to wait till next week's episode of WWE RAW.

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