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WWE News: Brad Maddox revealed in a Reddit AMA that Xavier Woods is his favorite person backstage in WWE

In an AMA last year, Maddox expressed his love for Xavier Woods.

These two friends are inseparable in everything they do. Quite literally.

What’s the story?

Former WWE Superstar Brad Maddox (real name Tyler Kluttz) was part of an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit last year, and he was asked about his favourite person backstage. Maddox replied that it was Xavier Woods. He also added the names Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas and called them two of the nicest guys in wrestling. One year later, he would be embroiled in a massive controversy with Xavier Woods and Paige as the latter's private pictures leaked on the internet.

In case you don't know...

Brad Maddox is a former FCW Tag Team champion as well as an OVW Heavyweight and Television Champion. Between 2012-2015 he was part of several interesting angles on Raw, even serving as General Manager. Unfortunately, he was let go in 2015 for using the term ‘cocky pr***s’ during a dark segment. He’s also memorably appeared as a turkey on the Tonight Show where he was tombstoned by The Undertaker. 

The heart of the matter

In a scandalous development, private pictures and even more shocking videos of WWE Superstar Paige were leaked on the internet, caught in an intimate act with Brad Maddox. In one of the videos, Maddox is seen taking photographs of Paige caught in a compromising situation with his beloved backstage friend, Xavier Woods himself.

We have no reason to doubt this claim

This act makes his admission from last year, where he suggested that Woods is his best friend backstage during the interview, seem like quite the incriminating statement. We presume that these photos are videos were filmed a long time ago, much before Paige got together with her current boyfriend, former WWE Superstar, Alberto Del Rio.

What’s next?

It is unlikely that this scandal will have any adverse effect at all on Maddox, considering that he hasn't been associated with the company in a long time. On the other hand, Xavier Woods is part of the trio known as The New Day, who are slated to be the hosts for WrestleMania 33. While it is unlikely that Woods would be fired for a private act, WWE has a clean-cut image and likes to maintain a distance from all controversy. Paige and WWE have had their ups and downs, and this could make the situation even direr.

Author’s take

We have absolutely no doubt that Xavier Woods is Brad Maddox’s favourite person. None at all.  

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