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WWE News: Braun Strowman added to his unsuccessful history of trying to win the Universal Championship at Clash of Champions

17 Sep 2019, 07:16 IST

Here's your belt, Beastslayer
Here's your belt, Beastslayer

Braun Strowman may be a physical anomaly known as the Monster Among Men, but one thing he hasn't been able to do in the WWE is being called the Universal Champion. After losing in his bid to win the title from Seth Rollins at Clash of Champions, WrestleVotes had an interesting stat about Strowman's luck in title matches. When the Universal Championship is on the line, the Monster Among Men is 0-for-6 in his bid to win the title.

Always hovering around the title

Throughout his singles run, Strowman has consistently been a force in the main event scene of RAW. He has two RAW Tag Team Title reigns under his belt, but when it comes to picking up singles titles in the WWE, he isn't as lucky.

WrestleVotes tweeted an interesting history of Strowman's failure in matches in which the Universal Championship was either up for grabs (at Crown Jewel) or being defended.

Strowman has had singles matches for the title against Brock Lesnar (No Mercy in 2017) and this past Sunday at Clash of Champions. At SummerSlam in 2017, Strowman, Roman Reigns and Samoa Joe all challenged the Beast Incarnate for the title. At the 2018 Royal Rumble, both Strowman and Kane unsuccessfully challenged Lesnar for the title.

His first non-Lesnar challenge occurred at last year's Hell In A Cell when he cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase against Roman Reigns prior to the actual PPV. At that show, Lesnar crashed the party to cause the match to end in a no contest. At Crown Jewel, the title was up for grabs after Reigns relinquished it but Lesnar captured it once again.

Just a sideshow attraction?

There have been rumblings over the last few months that while Strowman is a valuable member of the roster, he's seen as more of an attraction or mascot rather than a viable option for champion. If that is the truth – and it appears that it is very likely to be the case – then it is a tough reality for the Monster Among Men to swallow. Not everyone is pegged to be a major champ in the WWE, but Strowman is someone that the fans thought would have already captured a major title.

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