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WWE News: Braun Strowman comments on his actions after Survivor Series

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Braun holds the game down by his throat
Braun Strowman holds The Game down by his throat

What's the story?

Braun Strowman and Team Raw were victorious in the Traditional Survivor Series Five-Man Elimination Tag Team Match. The victory came about in an extremely confusing manner, however, and after the match was over, Braun Strowman attacked Triple H.

In a post-match interview, he revealed that he did not regret his actions at Survivor Series, and issued a warning to the entire WWE roster.

In case you didn't know....

In the Survivor Series, Men's 5-on-5 elimination match, Triple H, Kurt Angle, and Braun Strowman were the last remaining competitors for Team Raw while only Shane McMahon remained for Team SmackDown Live. The result seemed cut and dried, and as Kurt Angle applied the Ankle Lock on Shane, the match was seconds away from ending. 

Triple H, for reasons known only to himself, attacked Kurt, breaking the Ankle Lock and performed a pedigree him. He then proceeded to put Shane's arm over Kurt for the three-count, eliminating Raw's General Manager. Braun looked stunned as Triple H helped Shane to his feet. For a second it looked like Triple H had turned on Raw, and was going to help Shane to win the match by taking on Braun. Triple H performed a pedigree on Shane and covered him, bewildering "The Monster Among Men" even more. 

After the match, Braun held down Triple H by the neck. He issued a warning to "The Game", to never betray him. When he was leaving, an infuriated Triple H tried to attack Braun and Pedigree him. Braun turned things on the game and hit him with two Powerslams. 

The heart of the matter

In the post-match interview, Braun issued a warning to the entire WWE roster and specifically to Triple H. He said that no one ever double-crossed him, no matter who the person was. Irrespective of the double-crosser's loyalties or intentions, that person would fall before the "Monster Among Men".

He also went on to Twitter to say that he was only on one team, and that team was Team Braun. 


What's next?

The fallout of Survivor Series is set to be huge. We will find out more about Triple H's motive on this week's Monday Night Raw.

Author's take

Triple H learnt the hard way to never attack Strowman. No one can keep the "Monster Among Men" down. Braun felt threatened when Triple H seemed to turn on him, and what followed was the repercussion. 

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