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WWE News: Braun Strowman names the WWE Legends he studies and takes cues from

01 Aug 2019, 06:57 IST

Their match on RAW ended with the ring imploding.
Their match on RAW ended with the ring imploding.

What's the story?

When you are the size of Braun Strowman, there are not many Superstars that could conceivably give you a challenge. While many have tried, the Superstars have ended up on the losing side.

In order to better hone his craft, Strowman revealed which WWE Legends he observes closely and learning from.

In case you didn't know . . .

Braun Strowman was a former powerlifter and made an immediate impact upon his debut with the Wyatt Family.

He tipped the scales in the faction's favour when they were embroiled in a feud with The Shield. Strowman has been both friend and foe to Roman Reigns.

The heart of the matter

While there have been thousands of wrestlers to come through the WWE, there aren't many who are the size of Strowman. Stars like Randy Orton and John Cena might be the prototypical size at 6 feet, five inches and over 240 pounds, but the majority of the roster has been under that limit.

Since he has such a unique blend of size and speed that other Superstars just don't possess, he has a much smaller library and tape to study. While speaking with Barrasso, The Monster Among Men named a few WWE Legends who he has learned from.

"I still watch a lot of matches from the big guys," Strowman said. "Andre The Giant, Big Show, Mark Henry, Kane, The Undertaker, I'm picking and choosing little things and mannerisms, and then putting my own twist on it. I'm not trying to be like anybody else, I'm trying to be the first Braun Strowman."

The Big Show and Strowman had one of the more memorable matches in RAW history. It was a surprisingly good showcase of big Superstars colliding against each other and is notable for how the match ended.

Strowman super-plexed Show off of the top rope, causing the ring to implode. The two have battled on other occasions. Kane has faced off against Strowman in the past, but the former Money In The Bank winner hasn't been able to tangle with Mark Henry. He's had interactions with The Undertaker but never a match.

What's next?

If his goal is to be the first Braun Strowman, then I think he's achieved that already with flying colors. Despite not holding one of the top prizes in the company, he is one of the more exciting and must-see Superstars in WWE.

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