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WWE News: Bray Wyatt and Finn Balor battle After Raw

2.97K   //    03 Oct 2017, 11:37 IST

Finn Balor and Bray Wyatt ended up colliding in Denver after all

What's the story?

You never know what can happen after Raw goes off the air and the fans in Denver got to see one rivalry continue after an action-packed night. Bray Wyatt and Finn Balor locked horns in Denver after all was said and done.

In case you didn't know...

Bray Wyatt doesn't like letting go when he loses. He just keeps coming back at his foes and attempts any new tactics that he can manage. He's battled Finn Balor a few times but it doesn't look like these two are over by a long shot.

On this week's episode of Raw, Bray delivered a stunning promo complete with some nifty special effects which turned his face into even more of a monster. Bray proudly announced Sister Abigail was alive and she's never lied to him -- but Finn Balor has.

Balor and Wyat seem destined to collide at least one more time in a big match. But fans who stuck around after Raw was finished filming, got to see these two square off in person.

The heart of the matter

When fans at home saw the final moments of Raw this week they thought it ended with a tease about reforming The Shield. But if they were at the Pepsi Center they got to watch a pretty exciting dark match.

Raj from WrestlingInc was in attendance and snapped few decent shots of the contest. Finn Balor ended up going over in a clean fashion with a Coup De Gras to send the crowd home happy.

There was apparently a spot where Wyatt used a kendo stick and also a table, but Balor sent Bray through the table.


What's next?

Bray Wyat doesn't like to lose and just walk away. He will probably have a few more tricks up his sleeves before all is said and done in this rivalry. These two might very well find themselves competing at TLC in a punishing gimmick match which wouldn't be surprising.

Author's take

If these two meet at TLC, hopefully, it will be the last time they collide for a while. It's not that we don't like seeing them fight as they are immensely entertaining. But there's only so many things you can do between two entertainers before you have to freshen it up and let them move on to their next feuds.

The rumours would lead you to believe that Finn Balor is going to head towards a match with Brock Lesnar which would be just fine even though it's highly likely for Lesnar to come out on top. John Cena is rumoured to be Bray Wyatt's next dance partner as well which would be sparking an already established feud between two guys who know each other well.

Wrestling is fun, and dark matches not only give fans a chance to watch Superstars working on what's to come. But, it also gives them the opportunity to witness something special just for the fans who showed up to witness the action first-hand.

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